Lorelei - 5 Months

Lorelei is five months old today and continues to be a blessing to our family. We finally made the switch to having both girls in the same room at night about two weeks ago and they have done wonderfully. Julianne has learned to control her talking and playing in bed and Lorelei sleeps through just about anything. Lorelei continues to sleep about 10 hours at night, usually wakes up at about 5 a.m. to eat, then goes right back to sleep for another couple of hours. She is a great napper and takes two - 2 hour naps. Both at bedtime and naptime she puts herself to sleep well and rarely fusses as she's going to sleep. I can't say it enough; She is such a content baby. Crying is reserved for hunger and being tired, but these are rarely an issue because she is so scheduled.

During play time she now loves to be upright. She loves to play in the exersaucer and the jumper and is constantly moving her legs. Her hand/eye coordination is getting much better and she grabs for toys and promptly puts them in her mouth. She is beginning to sit up with assistance and can sit in the tripod position (hands on the ground, propping herself up) for 5-10 seconds at a time. This usually ends in her tipping over to one side or face planting. She loves being naked and could be this way all day long if we would allow it. She grabs for her toes when laying down and can roll to her side, but still hasn't rolled over to her tummy. In the past week or so she has become quite vocal. She babbles, squeals, and screams. Sometimes she even "talks" during feedings, which results in a mumbling sound while she's nursing. Speaking of eating, she has become quite the distracted little eater. She'll suck for a couple of seconds, then just look up at me and smile, then suck for a couple of seconds, then look up at me and smile. Needless to say, nursings are taking longer than normal. So far we haven't started her on solids, but plan to do so in a month. I'm not in any hurry to allow her to grow up any faster or to make my life more complicated. Here are some pictures of our sweet five month old girl.