AWANA Award's Ceremony

Julianne has loved being in Honeybees for Jesus in our church's AWANA program this year. She has memorized seven Bible verses through the course of the year and has learned several Bible stories as well. Every week she looked forward to seeing her teachers, Ms. Korey, Ms. Laurin, and Ms. Lynn and all of her friends. I am so thankful for a church that provides a program like this to help young children hide God's Word in their hearts. At the beginning of the year I was a bit skeptical as to if she could even memorize the verses, but God gave her the ability to memorize and apply each verse. When Stephen and I discipline Julianne for her behavior we try to always bring it back to what God's Word says about her behavior and there have been several times when she has been able to remember one of the verses she memorized and tell us herself why she should not be behaving that way.

A couple of weeks ago our church had the AWANA Award's Ceremony and our sweet Honeybee participated in it. I use the word "participated" in the loosest sense because when her class got up to sing their song, she sat there completely silent and stoic. We are so thankful for our happy honeybee!