Lorelei - 4 months

Lorelei is now four months old and went to the doctor today for her four month check up. Everything looked great. Here are her stats: Length - 25 in. (50th percentile), Weight - 14lbs 1oz. (50th percentile), Head circumference - 16 in. (25th percentile). She is quite a healthy looking little girl with her chubby cheeks, round belly, and rolls on her legs. She is also a very happy little girl. She rarely cries unless she is tired or really doesn't feel good. She loves to smile and laugh and continues to be very ticklish. When we change her diaper and her clothes she is especially ticklish. Today when the doctor was moving her legs around Lorelei laughed every time the doctor touched her. It was so funny! She continues to be happiest when she is watching her sister, but also loves being in the bouncy seat and just laying on the floor with a few toys. Right now, toys have no purpose other than to be chewed on. She also loves to chew on her hands, our fingers, her bibs, her clothes, and just about anything she can get in her mouth. A couple of weeks ago she started drooling like crazy and got a little fussy as she was trying so desperately to get things in to her mouth, so I think the teething phase has officially begun. I'm not sure when they will actually make their appearance, but she has two indentations on her bottom gums where two little teeth will eventually come through.

She still likes her pacifier sometimes, but really prefers to suck on her tongue and bottom lip. She has started spending some time in the exersaucer (the "applesauce" as Julianne calls it) and still loves to be held so she can stand up. When she is laying down she can roll over to her side, but hasn't yet rolled over all the way to her belly yet. She holds her head up well when on her belly, but doesn't enjoy this position very much. Every time she is on her belly she spits up, so don't put her on her belly as much as we should. Her spitting up is still an issue, but it doesn't seem like it's as bad most of the time. She eats six times a day and is on a 3 hour feeding schedule during the day. At night she has been sleeping about 10 hours, although there have been a couple of times where she has gone 11-12 hours. Her last feeding of the day is at 7:30 p.m. and then she usually doesn't wake up until 5:30 a.m. She goes right back to sleep once I feed her and then usually is awake for the day at 7:30a.m. A little after she turned three months she started taking two- two hour naps. She has been such a great sleeper! Okay, enough talking about her, here are some pictures of our sweet four month old.