April Showers

So, Julianne has been dying to put her new umbrella to use since I got it for her at a children's consignment sale about a month and a half ago. It has been a relatively dry spring so far, so there haven't been any great opportunities to use it. Yesterday it was a little rainy in the morning, so I let her put on her rain coat and rain boots and take out her umbrella for just a little while. She had a blast, although didn't really get the concept that the umbrella should be used to shield oneself from the rain. She just kind of carried it around with her. After playing outside for a little bit we got out my foot bath and I gave each of the girls (Julianne and Shiloh) a spa treatment. Really they just soaked their feet in the foot bath and then got their fingernails and toenails painted, but they thought it was pretty fun. Afterwards they got dressed up and had a tea party. It was a fun way to spend a rainy morning!