Henry's Ark

Yesterday we went to a private zoo in Prospect, Kentucky called Henry's Ark. They have some farm and exotic animals and the best part about it is it's free. When we were eating our lunch in the car before entering the zoo, we turned around to find an emu staring at us (actually, it was probably staring at our food) through the open car window. It was a little startling, but the emu just looked at us and after it realized we weren't going to be sharing our lunch, it walked away across the parking lot. Other than emus, we saw sheep, ducks, geese, zebras, turkeys, chickens, peacocks, deer, camels, buffalo, goats, an ostrich, a pig, rabbits, guinea pigs, llamas, donkeys, a cat, and a dog. Julianne loved getting to see all of the animals and even herded(aka "chased") a couple stray ducks and birds. She quickly learned not to put her fingers inside the fenced area when a scary looking ostrich tried to take a bite of her fingers. She wasn't hurt, just scared. Since being potty trained she has become quite interested in poop and pee, so when we stopped to look at each animal she asked, "Where do they poop?" "Where do they pee?" "What color is they poop?" "What color is they pee?". Lorelei even had fun watching the animals. Every so often she would squeal with excitement.

We mostly enjoyed getting to spend time with Stephen. He has been so busy with school we haven't had a lot of time with him, but we're quickly approaching graduation, so hopefully family time will become more of a norm for us. In the past months Julianne has developed a special attachment to her daddy. If she asks me a question that I don't know the answer to she'll say, "Daddy will know. I'll ask him when he gets home." And when Stephen is home, if he even leaves the room to go to the bathroom, she'll say "Daddy don't leave me. I might be lonely." Needless to say, this girl loves spending time with her number one guy. Here are some pictures of our fun family outing.