Spring Break Trip to St. Louis

On Easter afternoon the girls and I took a quick trip to St. Louis to see our sweet friends, Chip and Claire, one more time before they left for New Zealand. We had Easter dinner with our family at my uncle and aunt's house. My uncle and brother smoked a ham and a duck. Yum! On Monday we went to the St. Louis Zoo with Mimi, Gigi, Papa, Uncle Andy, and our friends, Sarah, Annabelle, and Jayce. Julianne loved getting to brush the goats in the petting zoo and could have stayed there all day. On Tuesday we "helped" Chip and Claire pack a bit. I say "helped" because it's really difficult to get anything done with a three month old who just wants to be held and a helpful two year old who just wants to see everything that you're packing. It's was great to just hang out with them though! Tuesday night Uncle Andy made us a delicious dinner of Beef Wellington, homemade green bean casserole, and deviled eggs. So good! It was such a blessing to get to spend some last minute time with Chip and Claire (and everyone else too!).