Easter 2010

We started celebrating Easter three weeks before by learning what Easter is really about in "school". We started with Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, the cross, and finally the resurrection. Some activities that went along with teaching these stories were making patterns out of Julianne's clothes by laying them on the ground (as the people did when Jesus entered Jerusalem), hunting for resurrection eggs and talking about the meaning of each item, and making resurrection rolls. We also did some activities with eggs, which represents the new life that Christ gives us. We did one experiment about which surface eggs would most likely break on. We took three hard boiled eggs and dropped them on two hard and one soft surface. I had Julianne predict what she thought would happen. Her predictions were exactly the opposite of what would happen, but we're going for the learning the process rather than giving the right answers. One day Julianne peeled her own hard boiled egg and she made egg shell art. I now know that she loves hard boiled eggs.

On the Saturday before Easter we put together our resurrection rolls. We took a marshmallow (represents Jesus' body) and dipped it in butter (represents the oils put on Jesus' body). We then rolled the marshmallow in cinnamon sugar (represents the spices put on Jesus' body) and wrapped it in crescent roll dough (represents the cloth wrapped around Jesus' body). On Easter morning we put the rolls in the oven (represents the tomb) and when they were done the middle of the rolls were gone (just as Jesus's body was gone from the tomb). One day I came down stairs only to see Julianne raising a rolling pin into the air and yelling, "Christ is risen. Praise ye the Lord. He's alive." I couldn't have summed up the meaning of Easter better myself. I am so thankful to teach Julianne about and serve the God who has defeated death and is alive forevermore!