Fun with Uncle Andy and Mimi

We have had visitors for the past week and a half. On St. Patrick's Day my brother Andy (aka Uncle Andy) came to visit us for five days. It was so much fun having him here and Julianne absolutely loved getting to play with him. Uncle Andy made us several meals that were delicious. We also did a lot of playing outside and went to a couple of parks during his visit. At the end of his visit, my mom (aka Mimi) came for a visit too. We got to spend one day with them both, until we had to take Uncle Andy to the airport. During that day we all went to Kazoing, which is an inside play place with inflatable bouncies. Uncle Andy had just as much fun as Julianne did!

On Tuesday Mimi took Julianne out on a date to Build a Bear, Five Guys, and Barnes and Noble. At Build a Bear Julianne made a puppy and named her Ellie. She had a great time spending some quality time with her Mimi. One of Mimi's favorite places is Cold Stone Creamery and since Julianne rarely objects to ice cream we went there a couple of times. Yum! Mimi bought Julianne the movie, "Milo and Otis" and Julianne would watch it all day/every day if we let her. She keeps saying, "Milo was whackin the birds. That's so silly. I laughed when Milo whacked at the birds." Obviously it is a very entertaining movie. It was such a blessing to get to spend this time with both Uncle Andy and Mimi.