Julianne - Two and a Half

Julianne has been two and a half for almost a month now and I am just now sitting down to write something about her newest developments. One word to sum up this phase is "INDEPENDENCE." She wants to do everything "all by myself" (her exact words). Now, sometimes when she uses this phrase it means she doesn't want to share something, so she'll say, "I want to play with that all by myself". One of the funniest "all by myself" statements was when we were at the zoo and she kept saying "I want to look at the lions ALL BY MYSELF." or "I want to look at the monkeys ALL BY MYSELF." What she was really saying was that she did not want anyone else to look at the animals except for her. We had a long talk about the impossibility and unkind nature of her statement.

Julianne is now potty trained and has only had one accident since the initial day of potty training. She is even wearing underwear during the night, which was not something I was planning on working on yet, but she was keeping her diapers dry, so we made the big switch. I am so thankful that the Lord has allowed her to do so well with this. It is such a blessing to only have one in diapers! Julianne picks out her own clothes and gets herself dressed each day. She has even figured out how to buckle herself into her car seat. She is such a great helper around the house. She is in charge of feeding Abby, helps set the table, throws her dirty clothes in the hamper, sometimes puts away the utensils from the dishwasher, and regularly goes and gets me items that I need. She is a great helper with her little sister too. She entertains her by reading her books, bringing her toys, talking to her, and singing her songs. When Lorelei is upset, she often goes and gets her pacifier without me even having to ask her and lovingly places it in her mouth over and over again until Lorelei calms down. I am so thankful for her sweet and helpful spirit

Julianne continues to love doing "school" and is learning so much. She can often tell what day of the week and what month it is. She loves the idea of "matching" and often comments, "My (red) bow matches that apple" or "Lorelei's eyes match the sky". She knows most letters, colors, and shapes. She can recognize some numbers and is starting to be able to tell us what words begin with specific letters. Her favorite part of school is story time and she could sit and look at books for 30 minutes or longer. We are so thankful for how the Lord has grown, developed and protected our sweet girl. Here are some pictures.