Lorelei - 2 Months

Sweet Lorelei is already two months old, 9 weeks today. God has truly blessed our family with her sweet personality and she fits in our family perfectly. In the past three weeks Lorelei has begun smiling, which just melts my heart. She saves most of her smiles for her big sister, who can get a smile from her more often than when mommy and daddy try to get her to smile. She just stares at Julianne in wonder and gives Julianne her undivided attention for as long as Julianne is around. She also is vocalizing more sounds than just crying. She loves to "talk" when you're talking to her and are right in her face. It's funny because some of her "talking" actually sounds like she's saying something. For example, a couple weeks back, Stephen had just come home and was holding her and it sounded like she said, "How are you?". We looked at one another to see if the other had heard the same thing and we both had. Maybe she'll be more interested in language than our oldest daughter is! Other than "talking" Lorelei makes a variety of other sounds, mostly grunts. She is always grunting, burping, passing gas, etc. Needless to say she is still a very gassy baby and continues to spit up at an impressive rate. We are going to start her on some Prevacid to see if that helps the spitting up. We shall see!

Her stats at the doctor today were as follows: Length - 22.75 in.(60th percentile), Weight - 10 lbs. 14.8 oz.(50th percentile), and Head Circumference - 15 in. (25th percentile). She continues to eat about every two to two and a half hours during the day and has begun sleeping about 8 hours at night without having to eat. After one feeding she'll usually go to sleep for another two to three hours. She is still not taking very consistent naps during the day, but loves to nap in the swing and her car seat. She is beginning to warm up to baths a bit, but still is not thrilled with bath time. Here are some pictures of our sweet and smiley two month old.