The past several weeks Julianne and I have been completing a unit on snow. It has been quite appropriate since we've had three or four major snowfalls in the past three weeks. We're currently dealing with about 7 inches of snow on the ground and to tell you the truth we're looking forward to spring and the opportunity to play outside a bit more. During our unit on snow we've had snowball fights with white socks, made a snowman out of rice krispie treats, completed a science experiment about where snow melts the fastest/slowest, made a snowball snack, played a mitten matching game, and created snowball art. We've been focusing a little more on letters because Julianne is so interested in them. She knows most letter names, some letter sounds, and can tell some words that start with a specific letter. She loves to point out letters in public and will say "That the alphabet." She has also begun recognizing letters that go together in her name. For example, when she saw the word "July" she said that it was her name (based on the first three letters). She used the same logic when she saw the word "stew" and said that was daddy's name (Stephen).

Although her speech is still difficult to understand at times because she is not pronouncing some key consonant sounds, her vocabulary continues to expand every day. She speaks in complex and sometimes quite lengthy sentences. A common phrase we hear on a daily basis is, "When I was baby, I...(played in the bouncy seat, spit up, needed a pacifier, slept in the bassinet). She continues to love her baby dolls and her baby sister. She is a great helper and will go and get me just about anything I need for Lorelei. She enjoys holding Lorelei, although after about ten seconds of holding her she'll say, "She's gettin heavy" and will be done "holdin" her. I'm horrible about not writing down funny sayings and conversations that I have with Julianne, but here are a couple from the past week or so:

While driving past a gas station that had a horse statue on it's roof, Julianne said, "Where the horse?" After realizing what she was talking about I jokingly said, "I don't know, maybe it ran away." Julianne asked, "Where it go?" so again I said, "I don't know, where do you think it went?" She responded by saying, "To the stable with baby Jesus."

Julianne has been very interested in where foods come from so she'll regularly say, "Cows give us milk". One day she very seriously asked, "What animal gives us water?" Since then she has asked "What animal gives us peanut butter?" and "What animal gives us orange juice?" I'm not sure if she belives my explanations that we don't get water, peanut butter, and orange juice from animals, but I continue to explain this every time she asks Also, today at lunch she pointed to the Honey Bear and said, "Bears give us honey." I responded by telling her that bears like to eat honey, but don't give us honey. I asked her what gives us honey and, still stuck on the bear theme, said "Pooh". Here are some pictures of our sweet and curious little girl.