A visit fom the Faulkners

This past weekend our newly married friends, Chip and Claire Faulkner, came for a short visit. They are on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ in New Zealand and came back to the states to get married and raise support. We were in their wedding back in December and I've known Claire since second grade, so it was a really special time getting to know Chip better. We had a great time playing Boggle, eating, hanging out, talking, eating a little more, and watching some Arrested Development. Since we enjoy eating we took them to several of our favorite eateries. On Saturday we went to Lynn's Paradise Cafe, then on Sunday after church we went to Mark's Feed Store and later that afternoon we got some ice cream at Graeter's. Although it seems like we only ate all weekend we had some great conversations too. Julianne loved spending time with "Tip and Tare" and ate up their attention. Every morning when she woke up the first words out of her mouth were asking where Chip and Claire were and what they were doing. After they left, she said, "I miss Tip and Tare". Needless to say, she enjoyed their visit as much as her parents did. Here are some pictures of our fun weekend.