Sweet Sister Moment

Tonight both girls were being a little whiny and fussy. I needed to give Lorelei (aka "the spit up child") a bath to get rid of her sour milk smell, so I told Julianne she could help me in order to distract her from her current temper tantrum. Lorelei has not been a fan of baths so far, so I was looking forward to some screaming (on her behalf, not mine). Julianne wanted to get in the bathtub too, so I let her, hoping that her mood would improve. I held Lorelei in the tub and Julianne helped wash her off and pour water over her. Lorelei loved it. Okay, maybe "loved" isn't the word, but at least she tolerated it without screaming and crying. Finally, a successful bath for the littlest Mobley child! When it was time to get in bed Julianne picked out a book and wanted to read it to Lorelei, so I laid Lorelei with Julianne in her bed. Lorelei just stared at Julianne. It was such a precious moment. Even in the midst of a fussy evening for both girls individually, their moods seemed to improve when they were together. I can't wait to see how their relationship grows throughout the coming years.