Three Weeks Old

Lorelei is officially three weeks old today. In some ways this time has gone so fast, but in many ways it seems like we've had her in our family for a lot longer. Perhaps it's the lack of sleep getting to me! Overall, Lorelei has been a great sleeper. She eats every 2-3 hours and has been spacing night time feedings out a bit more, although not consistently. A couple of nights she went 3.5-5 hours between the first and second feeding. I'm looking forward to these getting even more spaced out, so that I can get more sleep than 2-3 hours at a time.

Lorelei has had some tummy issues and has proved to be a long distance spit upper. By long distance, I mean that she can often shoot spit up quite a distance from her little body. Sometimes by the amount of spit up that comes out of her, it is amazing that she is keeping any food in. So far, Lorelei seems pretty easygoing, although if you mess with her feeding schedule she has quite the temper. She loves to sleep with her hands up by her head and loves to push off surfaces with her legs. She enjoys sucking on her fingers if she can manage to get them in her mouth. This also can be a source of frustration for her. She hasn't been very fond of the pacifier yet, but will take it if encouraged, when fussy.

The past three weeks haven't been very eventful, since we've mainly stayed inside, but there have been a few momentous occasions. When Lorelei was 12 days old, she lost her umbilical stump and gained a belly button. Julianne was thrilled at this event, although Lorelei could have cared less. After she was "stumpless" she got her first real bath, which was not a positive thing in her eyes. So far, she seems to detest baths and screams the entire time. She went for her two week check up last week and had surpassed her birth weight by 7 oz and was 6 lbs 14 oz. On Friday, Julianne and I took Lorelei to the library for the first time and on Saturday we took our fist trip out as a family of four. We didn't do anything real exciting, but went to Home Depot, Target, and Chick fil A. On Sunday we took Lorelei to church for the first time. She slept the entire time. Here are some pictures of our sweet three week old girl.