Snow Fun

This past week Louisville experienced it's first snow storm of the season. We actually only got a few inches of snow but it was very pretty and is still sticking around. It has been really cold, so we haven't gotten to play in the snow for long, but we've gotten out in it a couple of times. One day I decided we would build a snowman, so I asked Julianne what we would need to make it. We went through the refrigerator and pantry finding things to make our snowman. She decided on a carrot for the nose (very original, I know), raisins for eyes, a pretzel for the mouth, spaghetti noodles for hair, tortilla chips for ears, and candy corn for teeth. I had grand plans for this snowman until I actually got out in the snow. It was pretty "dry" snow and therefore I had trouble forming the balls for the snowman body. Once I did get some pretty small balls together, they kept falling apart when we put the food items in them. Our final product only included hair, eyes, and a nose. I was pretty disappointed, but Julianne seemed to like it.

After making our little snowman, some sweet kids that live down the street brought their sled over and pulled Julianne around in it. She had a blast and didn't want them leave ever! On Saturday, we got to play in the snow with Daddy and after he constructed a very well designed homemade sled, Julianne got to ride in this sled too. She had a great time until Daddy took a turn a little too fast, which resulted in Julianne finding herself face first in the snow. She was not impressed! Our dog, Abby, enjoyed the snow as much, if not more, than Julianne. She loves running around in it, burying her nose in the snow, eating snow balls, and taking sled rides. Okay, she likes all of those activities except for the last one. We though it would be funny to put her in the homemade sled. We finally got her in there, but she didn't stick around to actually go for a ride. Julianne thought this was the most hilarious thing in the world and spent the rest of the time outside throwing "snowballs"(she couldn't actually form snow balls, so she just picked up a handful of snow) at Abby. Lorelei was probably the smartest of us all and just stayed inside, snuggled under a blanket. Here are some pictures of our fun!