We are now officially on our own as a family of four. After spending a week and a half helping us with food, laundry, taking care of Julianne, etc. my mom went home on Sunday morning. Our first two days have gone pretty well. Julianne has still been sick (now with an ear infection) and is getting used to having less attention, so she has been a bit of a pill, but overall she has done wonderfully during this time of transition. Although she's not always as interested in her little sister as much as I thought she might be, she is very loving, gentle and sweet toward her. Julianne loves bringing her toys, stuffed animals, books, and blankets when she seems upset. This morning I was changing Lorelei's diaper, which Lorelei was less than impressed with, and Julianne piled about ten stuffed animals on top of the changing table. She kept saying, "That make her feel better." Julianne has been so helpful at diaper changing times by bringing me a diaper and a wipe, then lovingly patting Lorelei's head while I change her diaper. She's quite interested in seeing Lorelei's poop. Not exactly sure where the fascination has come from! She loves holding Lorelei's hand and seeing her feet. She often comments, "Her feet/hands so tiny." Although Julianne is not really interested in holding Lorelei, she will wrap her arms around Lorelei while I'm holding her and say, "I holdin her." As a way to prepare Julianne for Lorelei's arrival Julianne and I picked out fabric for and made a blanket for Lorelei during the several weeks before her arrival. I also made a blanket for Julianne that would be from Lorelei. On Sunday night both girls opened their gifts, which have come in handy during the past several very cold days. I'm so thankful for the way Julianne has acclimated to her baby sister and look forward to seeing their relationship grow throughout the coming years.