Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful time celebrating our last Christmas as a family of three. Because it is so near my due date with little Lorelei, we had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas here in Louisville. My mom, Stephen's parents and his brother and sister in law came to visit us, which was such a blessing. We loved getting to spend the day with them! On Christmas Eve Julianne along with both of her grandmas, made a birthday cake for Jesus. Julianne then got to open one gift, which was actually a really neat manger scene from Mr. Dave and Ms. Karren. She played with it a bit and then went to bed, so the elf grandparents could get to work on Julianne's gift. Julianne's Mimi got her a toy kitchen, so the rest of the evening was spent putting it together and watching "The Nativity Story". On Christmas morning we woke up and decorated the birthday cake for Jesus, had a yummy breakfast and then opened gifts until lunch time. Julianne loved opening gifts and had lots of them to open. We actually saved some of them for after nap time so she could play with all of her kitchen stuff. She absolutely loved the kitchen and got toy food, bowls, pots, pans, aprons, cooking utensils, and an iron/ironing board. We ate a delicious lunch and then lounged around during the afternoon. After round two of Julianne's presents, we watched her play, ate leftovers, and then had a family singing time with some of Julianne's instruments. She mainly listened to us sing, but joined in when she knew the words. When she didn't know the words she made her mouth into the "O" shape and just kind of wiggled her head around like she was singing something along with us. We had a great time celebrating Jesus' birth and remembering why we have a reason to have hope and joy this season.