Chip and Claire's Wedding Week

It has been too long since I posted any pictures, so I apologize. We've still been having some computer/internet issues and I've been kind of tired as I wrap up this pregnancy. The first full week of December Julianne and I drove to St. Louis for my friend, Claire's, wedding. Stephen flew to St. Louis in Friday evening. We actually spent a week there before the wedding and had a great time helping with a wedding shower, assisting with last minute wedding preparations, hanging out with family and friends, and then attending and taking part in the wedding ceremony. Stephen sang, I was a bridesmaid, and Julianne was a flower girl. Julianne was so excited to be in a wedding. She would announce to me every so often, "I in a weddin." "I a dower(flower) girl." "I wear a petty dess(pretty dress)." Claire picked out a gorgeous dress for the flower girls and every time Julianne put it on during the weeks leading up to the wedding, she would spin around in it and say "I a pincess(princess)." "I No White(snow white)." Needless to say she was quite excited that she had the opportunity to be in "Tip and Tare's"(Chip and Claire's) wedding. During the rehearsal, Julianne violently threw clumps of petals at the aisle and even started handing them to people sitting in the pews. The second attempt down the aisle went a bit better. As for the actual ceremony, she walked down the aisle with some prodding, asking several people, "What your name?" She decided to save all of her petals for the very end and threw several big clumps of petals at the stage, before going and sitting down with her Aunt Laura, Uncle Jason, Papa, and Gigi. Amazingly, she sat somewhat quietly during the entire 45 minute ceremony. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and testified of the work that the Lord had done in Chip and Claire's lives as individuals and as a couple. The reception was just as beautiful and although Julianne was exhausted from a very long week and a very long day, she found the energy to run around the dance floor for the rest of the evening. She seriously ran circles around those that were dancing and did not stop until we grabbed her to go home. We had a great time celebrating with the new Mr. and Mrs. Faulkner!