Fall Fun

We've been learning about fall during our school time during the past several weeks. We've gone on a leaf walk, raked leaves, made a leaf girl (based on the book Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert), tasted different colors of apples, painted with apples, and made a yummy Dutch Apple Pie. It has been such a joy to see Julianne learn different concepts and skills. Some of these new skills include naming most shapes and colors, counting from 1 to 13, matching colors, completing puzzles, naming letters and even some letter sounds, and learning some calendar concepts(month and day of week). Julianne still loves to ask questions and her vocabulary (although her speech is not always understandable) is growing rapidly. I can't take her into any public place without her asking everyone she sees, "What your name?" "How old you are?" "When your birthday?" (usually in that order). If she just asked people these questions once that would be one thing, but she asks the same person the same questions over and over and over again, which can be a little exhausting for the person and a little embarrassing for her mother. Then once she learns someone's name she asks me "Where ____(insert name)?", which I usually reply, "I'm not sure where he/she is. Maybe he/she is at home/work/etc." Which usually elicits the question, "What he/she doing at home/work/etc.?", which I most likely reply, "I'm not sure what he/she is doing. What do you think they're doing?" This question can get a variety of responses, but when Julianne doesn't know how to respond she simply replies, "No" which usually ends the conversations, until she asks about someone else. Anyway, here are some pictures of our curious two year old.