Julianne got to dress up several times in her costumes. First, we went to the Louisville Zoo's Halloween Party. A few weeks later we went to our church's fall festival. Julianne enjoyed playing games, jumping in the bouncies, going on a hayride, and eating a snow cone. Last weekend Julianne and I went to St. Louis and on Friday night we went to the St. Louis Zoo for Boo at the Zoo. Julianne ran around the entire evening while we followed her. She dressed up as a bumblebee for these first three events. On Halloween we went to another church's fall festival, where Julianne dressed up as a Packer's cheerleader. She got to play some games, paint a pumpkin, decorate a cookie, and collected quite a stash of candy.

Funny story about candy: Julianne's Mimi was teaching her to say "trick or treat", so after Julianne said it my mom told her to take a piece of candy out of her bowl of candy. Julianne hesitantly took one piece of candy, so my mom told her that she could take more. I guess Julianne understood that to mean that she could take all of the candy because she started taking handfuls of candy and putting them into her pail. After putting most of the candy into her pail, the rest of us said "trick or treat" to her and she went around the room and gave us each a piece of candy. So even though she seemed a bit greedy with her the candy, at least she was willing to share. Here are some pictures of our sweet bumblebee and cheerleader.