The First Half of October

I cannot believe that we are already into mid-October. I have been quite delinquent in making regular posts the past couple of months, mainly due to the photo program on our computer not being very compliant and also due to the fact that pregnancy the second time around (especially with a two year old) is exhausting.

Julianne is continuing her quest as a two year old, trying to figure out what independence is all about. Her latest language development is asking questions and lots of them. Some of these questions include: "Who is she/he?" "What her/his name is?" "Where you go to?" "How that happen?" "When we go?" "Who gave you that?" "What that called?" "When _____(submit name in space) birthday?". She loves to ask the same questions over and over again. This afternoon I answered a question about where someone went about twenty times within a time span of thirty minutes. She's also started getting into princesses and constantly asks me "What her name is?" when pointing to Sleeping Beauty. She obviously knows the answer, but just wants to hear me answer the question. In a sneaky attempt to get her way, she also has become very good at answering her own questions. For example, instead of asking me if she can take her shoes off in the car, she'll say, "Yes, you may take your shoes off." It's like if she says the answer she wants to hear, it will mean it is true.

Julianne continues to enjoy learning and has now memorized two Bible verses for Honeybees (the two year old AWANA program at our church). As she learned about God creating everything, we talked to her about Adam and Eve committing the first sin of disobedience toward God. Every since then, she is very concerned with people obeying God. She will ask us over and over, "Mommy obey God?" "Papa obey God?" "Moses obey God?" "Adam Eve obey God?" "Jesus obey God?" We respond to each question (with the exception of Jesus) that people try to obey God, but we don't obey God all the time since we all have sin in our hearts. She now has slightly altered her question about obedience to, "______(fill in name) obey God sometime?".

In an attempt to prepare Julianne for the arrival of her baby sister we talk about what the baby will do and what she will be like at first. Some of her favorite phrases about the baby are: "Baby Yoh-yie (Lorelei) will walk" "Baby Yoh-Yie will need paci" "Baby Yoh-yie will play" "Baby Yoh-yie will cry". I've tried to explain to her about the baby not walking and playing right away, but she is very persistent with these ideas. I think she may be a little disappointed at first fi she keeps this in mind. I was very encouraged the other day when I watched a two month old and Julianne adapted very well to having him in our house. She loved being near him and touched him very gently, brought him toys, kept sticking his pacifier back in his mouth, and rocked him in the swing when he started to fuss. She didn't even protest when I held him for long periods of time. She thought it was hilarious when he spit out his pacifier and asked all night for him to do it again. I realize that all moments with her sister won't be as blissful as this, but I am a little bit more sure that she can handle this transition.

Here are some pictures of our girl in the past month.