Trip to Huber's Farm and IKEA

This weekend we enjoyed a visit from my mom (aka Julianne's Mimi). On Friday we went to Huber's Farm and picked pumpkins and apples. Picking pumpkins was a little muddy due to rain all night and morning, but neither Julianne or Shiloh seemed bothered by getting a little muddy. Both girls loved picking apples and helped so much that we ended up buying 13.5 lbs of apples. Julianne just wanted to eat the apples right off the tree so it was hard convincing her that we needed to buy it first, wash it, and then she could devour it. She especially liked picking the "baby apples" so we have quite a few itty bitty apples. After an intense day of "picking" we ate some yummy food(fried rolls, corn, green beans, dumplings, waldorf salad, mashed potatoes, and fried chicken) at the farm restaurant. We had a great day!

On Saturday we took a trip to Cincinnati, Ohio to go to IKEA. We had a blast wandering the store and Julianne loved getting to play in various part of the store. Although she loved the children's area with all of the toys, her favorite part was the beds. She just wanted to get in each bed, cover up, and lay down on the pillow. I limited her to one big bed and a couple of the kid beds, otherwise we could have been there for several days while she played in every bed in the store.

While we were at our house with Mimi and Jackson, Julianne played "tea party" with Jackson. She tries to play this with Abby, but Abby doesn't put up with much of it. Jackson, though, sat with her for 10-15 minutes while Julianne served him tea. Julianne thoroughly enjoyed her time with Mimi and wanted her to do everything for her, not mommy or daddy. During several of our long car rides, she kept saying "I want somethin else" because Mimi was very generous with the contents of her purse. At one point she had Mimi's chap stick and took about 5 minutes applying it to her lips, face, and then her baby's face. There's just no time like time with Grandma! We (Stephen and I) enjoyed her visit too!