Playing Outside

The weather has been beautiful here in Kentucky so we've been spending a lot of time outside. In the past two days we've taken a trip to a nearby playground and to the zoo. Both outings were done with Julianne's friend, Shiloh. It's so fun to watch the girls mature and develop together. Although they have squabbles over toys, they love to play with (or at least play in the same proximity as) each other. They are both very concerned about what the other one is doing and their new favorite game is Ring Around the Rosie. When Julianne sings it, it sounds more like "Rih Rih Roe-see, Pa pa posie, Ah-dih Ah-dih, Ah fah down". They both love running as fast as they can down the sidewalk. Usually if one is found running, the other one is not far behind. Here are some pictures of our silly two year old and her equally as silly friend.