I have sensed that Julianne would benefit from more structure in her day, so we have begun "school" two days a week. We just finished our fourth week of school and the past four weeks Julianne has been learning that God created everything. Her memory verse for Honeybees (the two year old program for AWANA) has been Genesis 1:1. The shortened version that she has learned is "God created the heavens and the earth." You can hear her say this verse in a previous post. We based two themes off of this verse: The Sky and The Ocean. We did each theme for two weeks and sang songs, read books, played games, made snacks, created crafts, and even did a science experiment based on the themes. Julianne has loved the idea of doing school and she enjoys the uninterrupted attention that I am able to give her during this time. She is able to count from 1-10 (skipping 4 and 6), name most primary and secondary colors, can name a couple of shapes, and name some letters. She continues to love reading books and could sit for 20-30 minutes or more while I read books to her or while she looks at them herself. Here are some pictures of our first month of school.