Big Girl Bed

I was so anxious about transitioning Julianne from her crib to the toddler bed, but she has done a wonderful job acclimating to this change. The day before she turned two she took her first nap in her new toddler bed (Thank you Mimi(Grandma Bryant) for the bed and thank you Cha-Cha(Great-Grandma Northrip) for the mattress). We wanted to try it out for nap time first and then work on sleeping in the bed during the night. Julianne did great for the first two or three days then discovered that bars were no longer surrounding her to keep her in her bed, so she tried her hand at getting out of bed during nap time. The first day she tried this I found her with every stuffed animal in her bed and one of her stuffed animals was barking (which is what clued me in that I might want to go check on her). Those were very frustrating days for her mommy and daddy. I spent every day at nap time sitting outside her door listening and watching for movement. She was disciplined for getting out of her bed and it only took three or four days of this for her to understand and obey our rule about staying in bed until we come to get her. Since then she has not even tried to get out of bed and obediently stays in bed until we come get her. I know this may change one day, but I sure am enjoying it while it lasts! I was planning on giving Julianne a couple more weeks until we tried sleeping in her bed at night, but early last week at bedtime she told me "Seep in bid dir bed" (Sleep in big girl bed). The crib has been history since! Here are some pictures of her in her bed. I've also included a picture of her sitting on the potty. She gone poop twice and pee once, but really doesn't care much about going on the potty. I guess we'll focus on one thing at a time!