Julianne - Two Years Old

Julianne is officially two years old, as of Monday. The two's are off to a terrific and terrible start. Really, the terrific aspects outweigh the terrible parts, but Julianne is definitely learning to assert her own independent little will more now. She, as with most other toddlers, struggles to share any of what she deems as her possessions (which is pretty much everything that she can get her hands on). When she faces a challenge, she often reverts to crying, yelling, and hitting, but we're really working on reminding her to use her words in these circumstances. She still loves to use the word "No", but she is learning that there are consequences when she tells mommy and daddy "No" after being told directly to do something. Now she says in a coy little voice, "Tell Mommy Daddy no" with a questioning tone. I then tell her that it is okay for her to tell us "no" when we ask her a question, but not when we tell her to do something. I then proceed to ask her silly questions that should receive "no" for an answer (such as, "Do you want peas on your ice cream?"), but she always says "yes" to them. She may not be getting the point of that exercise yet!

Overall, Julianne is a funny, loving, sweet, curious, active two year old who definitely keeps me on my toes. She loves her baby dolls and takes very good care of them. She lays them out all in a row and feeds them, pronounces them poopy, changes their diapers, feeds them some more, gives them toys, takes their clothes off, and puts them to bed. She's very concerned that they get to see and experience all of the cool stuff she gets to see and experience. If she sees an airplane in the sky, she'll say, "Baby see airplane" and will hold the baby up to see it. Hopefully, all of this practice with her baby dolls, will help her to be a caring big sister. She seems to be understanding more that mommy has a baby in her tummy and that her baby sister will be coming to live with us. She, at least, talks more about it now. She even made the comment that, "Baby in mommy's tummy come out door" when we were discussing that the baby would come out when the baby was ready. I really do wish it were that easy! Yesterday she went to the doctor and received one shot and a finger prick. As she was waiting for the nurse to squeeze blood out of her finger, we talked about how everyone has blood in their bodies. Since then she keeps looking at her finger, saying "Juju has blood". Maybe she has a future in the medical field. Her stats were as follows: Height: 34.5 in.(70th percentile), Weight: 27 lbs.(50th percentile), and Head circumference: 19.25 in. (80th percentile).

Julianne loves to talk and sing. She regularly strings together 3-5 words (sometimes more) to convey her thoughts, wants and needs. Some phrases she has said recently are: "Juju want nehteh(necklance)", "I pay dat"(I'm playing with that), "What's the matter Abby?", "Obey mommy daddy", "Juju's buhday Audah dehdeef"(Julianne's birthday is August 17), and "Take pahtae dut off" (take pancake shirt off). I'm not sure exactly what brought on the last phrase. She also loves to sing songs and tends to learn one line and sing it over and over again. Such as, "Happy Buhday duh yuh" (Happy Birthday to you), "Deeduh yuh me die know, for the Bible tells me so" (Jesus loves me), "Rock bye baby in tee top" (Rock a bye baby), "Ih bisee bider wah bider out" (Itsy bitsy spider, washed the spider out). She may have a future as a composer who arranges songs because she often makes up her own medleys. One of her favorites is: "Happy buhday duh yuh, the bible tells me so, EIEIO, duh yuh" (Happy birthday to you, the Bible tells me so, EIEIO, to you). She is quite the funny girl! Here are some pictures of our terrific two year old.