Julianne - 23 months

Julianne is less than a month away from turning two years old. This past month she has actually stopped using the "N" word (NO) so much and is now sometimes saying "yes". I know this doesn't sound like a big deal, but it has been really frustrating trying to figure out what a little girl wants and needs when she only answers questions with a "No". She now, very exaggeratedly, nods her head yes and no at appropriate times. When I ask her a question she thinks about it very seriously and slowly nods her head one way or the other. It is pretty funny to watch.

The girl continues to love baby dolls. She puts her babies to bed in boxes, rocks them, checks their diapers, feeds them, and even "reads" books to them. Whenever she sees something out of the ordinary, she says "Baby see ...(whatever she just saw). She wants her babies to be included in everything. Although she has a whole flock of baby dolls, she often treats forks, phones, food, books, etc. like a baby. She cradles them in the crook of her arm and then rocks them back and forth.

Julianne's new favorite saying/song is "Happy Birthday." She is continually telling me Happy Birthday and then I respond by telling her that it's not my birthday, so she then tells everyone else Happy Birthday. She still loves to sing, so she sings "Happy Buh-day tuh you" (Happy Birthday to you) over and over. She also loves to sing "Yeh Deduh yuh me" (Yes Jesus loves me). She continues to amaze us with what she can say and do.