Julianne - 22 months

Julianne has been 22 months for almost a week and I am just now sitting down to record her latest sayings and doings. Her biggest news this month is that she is going to be a big sister at the end of December. She has no idea what this means yet, but we're excited about it anyway.

Julianne continues to amaze us with her language development. She doesn't always speak very clearly, but she can now ask questions and speak in sentences. We, of course, are trying to teach her to be polite, so her newest learned phrase that is used countless times throughout each day is, "May I have/get/go/see..." She also needs to say "I sah-ee" (I'm sorry) many times throughout the day. The other day I told her I was sorry for something and she spent the next thirty minutes saying "I sah-ee mommy". Repetition is something she loves to do. Her very favorite word is still "no", but she now enunciates the beginning sound to say "n-n-n-n-n-no" to make sure we hear her. She often tells me this when I've told her to do something and she'll often correct herself and say "Yes mem" (Yes maam). Julianne has also become aware that people live in different states and cities. When we were in St. Louis without her daddy she would say "Abby daddy in Tucky" (Abby and Daddy are in Kentucky). She also loves repeating "Ucle Ahdee in Sah-dah-co" (Uncle Andy is in San Francisco). She talks about the "Mississih Rih-rih" (Mississippi River), the "Hio Rih-rih"(Ohio River), and "Ih-dee-ad-ah"(Indiana).

We're beginning to wonder if the child has a future in medicine, because she is always very concerned that people "fee beh-beh" (feel better). She will suggest that they need "meh-meh" (medicine) or "bah-day" (bandaids). Julianne tries to find reasons that she needs medicine and bandaids so she'll point out little marks or dirty spots as "boo boo"'s and say, "Nee meh-meh" (need medicine) and "Nee bah-day"(need bandaid). One form of "medicine" that Julianne likes the most is "nay-paw" (nail polish). I'm not sure why she thinks nail polish is medicine other than it is in a small bottle, but she is convinced that nail polish makes her feel better. She is quite the funny little girl and always keeps us on our toes. Here are some pictures of our sweet girl.