Julianne - 20 months

Julianne is 20 months today and is creeping closer and closer to The Terrible Twos, although I think she is experiencing some of it already. She is such a sweet girl and is very well behaved most of the time, but she has her own ideas of how things should work and what things are hers and if everyone's opinions don't match hers it can get kind of ugly. She can get so frustrated and would not dare accept help from a willing mommy or daddy. I guess it is her independent gene showing through (I hate to admit that she probably got this from me).

Overall, though, Julianne is a delight to have as a daughter. She still loves her babies and takes very good care of them by feeding them, putting them to bed, and taking them on walks. She even disciplines them when they need it by telling them "No, no Baby" or by giving them an occasional spank. She enjoys coloring and using stickers to create beautiful works of art. She continues to be obsessed with letters and can name several of them (O,A,D,B, and sometimes Q). Julianne loves to sing and at this point "EIEIEIEIEI, Ohhh"(Old MacDonald) and "ABC" are her favorite songs.

Julianne's language development has grown to new depths this past month. She is starting to put words together to make phrases and even a sentence here and there. The other day she suprised me when she walked into our closet and said, "I be bah mommy", which in toddler means "I'll be back mommy." I have come to realize that I say this a lot! Some of her other phrases are: "I wah..."(I want), "Moo pees" (move please), "No pees" (no please), "Dase mommy" (thanks mommy). She has also started using possessive nouns, such as: "Mia baby", "My baby", "Abby ball", "Mommy doh" (Mommy's phone), "Daddy doos" (Daddy's shoes), "Ju-Ju choowawa" (Julianne's chihuahua). Other favorite words this month have been: "booball" (football), "hole" (hold), "rie" (write), "ree" (read), "dee-ah" (quesidilla), "oh-me" (oatmeal), and "eye-bow" (eye brow). She is quite a talkative little girl and when she gets bored of sleeping you can often find her talking to herself or singing in her crib for indefinite amounts of time. Enough of my rambling though, here are some pictures.