Julianne - 19 months

Julianne is now 19 months and is a little ball of energy. She has loved the warmer weather we've been having and enjoys getting to play with the neighborhood kids. "Mia," "Hay-Hay"(Haylee), and "J.T" are among these sweet kids. She loves taking her babies on walks, going down the slide and saying "whee," riding on her little car, throwing the "oo-ball"(football), and finding a myriad of toys (sidewalk chalk, superhero figurines, skateboards, water guns, etc.) left around by the older kids. We are very thankful for our neighborhood and the sweet families we have gotten to know.

Julianne has been very fascinated with letters and loves to hear us sing the ABC's. When we ask her to sing she sings, "AB,AB,AB" over and over again until she gets a round of applause. She actually knows what the letters "A" and "O" look like and can tell us their names. The preschool teacher in me is so thrilled! She is beginning to understand what colors are and can usually tell us "red" when we point to something that is red and ask what color it is. She also is starting to become interested in singing songs. She has a book of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and refers to this song as "How I..."(as in, "How I wonder what you are). Don't ask me how she picked up only on this line. She also loves to sing "E-I-E-I" (Old McDonald Had a Farm) and "Bizzy" (The Itsy Bitsy Spider).

Some new words and phrases include: "See ya," "ella"(elephant), "dit it"(get it), "tanks"(thanks), "passy"(pacifier), "kitty," "baykee"(blankie), "appy"(apple), and "mow" (mouse, although she calls squirrels by this name too). Enough of my rambling, here are some pictures of our 19 month old girl.