Fashionable Girl

In the past couple of months Julianne has developed her own sense of fashion and style. She absolutely loves shoes and bows. The latter of which is kind of ironic since she has very little hair (although it is growing). I began sticking bows in her hair to make her gender a bit more apparent. You have no idea how many times I've heard "What a cute little guy" or "He is so adorable" when she is obviously dressed in pink clothing.

I'm not sure if scientists have discovered the "shoe lover" gene, but I definitely passed it down to Julianne. She loves picking out her own shoes, which have been snow boots or sandals recently. It's hard convincing her that she cannot wear sandals in forty degree weather, although it has started getting a bit warmer here. Not only does she pick out her own shoes and bows, but she has learned how to put clothes on in her own 18 month old way. She definitely does not wear them as they are intended, but she sure has fun putting them on. Here are some pictures of our little girl.