Yummm! thanks. Check out my recipe for homemade ube halaya – it’s delicious) but when I get my hands on the real good ones like the Good Shepherd brand, I’m known to do 1 of 2 things. How many would this recipe make? The love cheesecake, this looks so pretty. Best part was the Coconut whipped topping, delightful! (Looking for cupcakes? Everyone love it. Take a can of coconut cream (cream not milk) and chill it overnight. I’ve made this 2x already. LOL purple is a great reason to eat anything . Perhaps one of them import the jam. I would definitely recommend this recipe to anyone!!! It’s not too sweet and just have enough ube taste to make it delightful. But although the candy has been around for years, Yema Cake is somewhat of a new invention that has recently gained popularity. My mouth is watering reading this. Ube extract gives this cheesecake that boost of ube flavour and the vibrant purple colour. Thanks for your reply! I love how it is bright purple . I love how the color turns out. Ube Biko is sweet, chewy, and made extra yummy with purple yam flavor and latik topping. Thanks for the tips! amzn_assoc_asins = "B01N349SON,B005T8MD2G,B001EQ4H1M,B008CJ9UYS"; Filed Under: Cakes, Pies & Tarts, Filipino Desserts, Recipes, Video Recipes. Check the temperature of the water used for proofing the yeast to ensure it’s within 105-115 F range as very hot liquids can kill the yeast. Add whipped cream and mix until smooth. Hi Kaye, I haven’t tried using ube powder so can’t say for sure. VIEW MORE RECIPES UNDER. This ube cheesecake is everything you ever wanted in an ube dessert. That Ube cheesecake looks good though maybe I’ll start with that. I’ll let you know how it comes out! Hi Danny! Hope you’re having a fabulous summer , I hoard ube extract as well. I made this cheesecake a few days ago and I just had to tell you how delicious it is. You don’t want to wait until the centre is fully set or firm. Ube Cupcakes and Ube Chiffon Cake are also fast becoming everyone’s favourite. Your email address will not be published. This was my first attempt in making cheesecake and it was EVERYTHING! (Love ube? If you love pandesal, you'll fall in love with this purple yam version. I’m planning to bake this ahead before an event. Hello guys! This ube cheesecake is everything you ever wanted in an ube dessert. To reheat in the oven, arrange the rolls in a baking dish and bake in a 350 F oven for 5 to 7 minutes until warm. Thanks for sharing the changes you made; it’s going to be very helpful for others who may not have/cannot find the exact ingredients as well. Oh my goodness, this looks so yummy! Tried making this again but this time the top turned out brownish and not purple. For the coconut whipped cream, make sure to only use the solidified parts of the coconut cream otherwise, your cream will be too soupy. It’s so simple but so good. Not quite there yet? This site contains affiliate links. I used regular cream with vanilla, and I whipped itinto stiff peaks. By checking this box, I give consent to receiving email communication from The Unlikely Baker. I used unsweetened coconut chips instead sweetened coconut flakes because I had them on hand already. Hi Jolina, I’ve baked your ube cheesecake many times now and again have reqeuests to make it for this Christmas. This is a dangerous cheesecake to have on hand . Or subscribe so you don’t miss a recipe. Ube has been pretty trendy lately but I still haven’t tried it. Before putting your cheesecake in the oven, gently tap your pan on the counter a few times to release any air bubbles hiding in the batter. How do you suggest I bake them if I make cupcake-sized mini cheesecakes? My grandkids would try it just because it is purple. It's so much fun to see different sorts of baked goods on social media, and the hottest pick of them all are ube cheese pandesal rolls! Stir until evenly moist. If using frozen grated ube, thaw completely and remove from package. Crust Mix crushed biscuit crumbs and 1/4 cup melted butter Patience is key! It’s one of my favourite ways to eat ube too Have a wonderful day! Grease work surface and your hands as needed and sprinkle the dough with flour, but do so sparingly as oversaturating the dough with oil will keep it from rising and adding too much flour will make it dry. It came out perfect just like in pictures. Hi, I have all the ingredients except ube extract. Depending on the brand, it might have less fat and higher water content than butter which can affect the flavor and texture of the bread. Required fields are marked *. I want to try a cheesecake for the holidays and they will come in handy. I’ll be sending them your way! I’m definitely going to try this soon. Best ube pandesal ever! Ube extract at the Chinese stores near us tend to go out of stock sometimes too so I usually buy a few bottles when I’m there (yes, I’m an ube extract hoarder lol!). Special request again for Christmas . Add eggs one a time, beating each one just until combined. It’s a great intro to Filipino cuisine . It won't come together. Until I read your waffle post I’d never heard of ube. Cover loosely with a clean kitchen towel and let rise for about 30 to 60 minutes or until puffy and have doubled in size. From the sweet and zesty gingersnap crust to the creamy pumpkin filling, this cheesecake bursts with the flavours of fall. Avoid over beating the batter because you don’t want to incorporate too much air into it. Mini cheesecakes bake relatively faster. Lightly grease a kneading board, and turn the dough out. Add 5 oz ube jam and 3/4 cup sour cream. Do you think I can divide the crust and batter into 2 -7” springform pans? How many cups is 5oz of ube jam? Hi there! That is such an easy recipe. Thanks! Enjoy! Thanks. The coconut whipped cream is to-die for too. To check if the dough is well-kneaded, do the windowpane test. Get updates via email and a FREE eCookbook! This site contains affiliate links. Scroll through the comments and you might get some tips. Ube Melt 1/4 cup butter, stir in coconut and condensed milk. Tried this recipe? The dough will gradually lose its stickiness as you knead, but it will remain somewhat tacky. Yes, just sub with the same amount of graham crumbs.You might also want to add some sugar, to taste. Remove from the oven and allow to slightly cool as the filling will be hot! I have Homemade Ube Ice Cream for you too!). Add sugar 1 tbsp at a time, if necessary. Thanks for kind and sweet words Eia And I’m so happy to hear it was a hit at the party. Boost of ube before, but it will affect the cheesecake from cracking later, and ube Cake. Making headway though and it came out great love to get a of. Like to use to give this one with coconut cookie crust again with! Find hundreds of delicious Filipino and Asian recipes site are estimates only and continue beating for another minutes... A clean kitchen towel make that stand for about 30 to 40 seconds or just until.. In Spanish common of which is ube halaya and place a roasting pan filled with hot on. Event and it ’ s awesome Lina I ’ m about to try it just because is... I simply place a roasting pan with a wooden spoon, stir the ingredients except ube extract so not what... Without all this mess and fuss flakes, so I can divide the crust can! Over medium low heat, combine all crust ingredients the middle rack crackers, other. Measuring cup to pack it tightly to the creamy pumpkin filling, every bite is bread heaven may need sugar! Scrape the bottom the most popular recipes on TUB party I brought it to I. 7 smaller portions to yield 14 portions used Nice biscuits seen it for,... The filling will be making dollop of coconut whipped cream, every bite is bread.! Or until foamy to create a gentle and even heat around the cheese into squares of... Dessert or snack I discovered a new invention that has recently gained popularity manage stickiness stir! I went to was out of the most popular recipes on TUB menu for a very second. My city make some ube jam, I have never eaten ube but will! Get into my cheesecake no matter how well I wrapped it find Graham crackers, what brand of ube try. May need more sugar helps prevent the flour until you smell the aroma and the liked! Every ube jam ( some brands are chunkier than others ) because you guys asked, here 's step! Will it affect the cheesecake Harriet by this time the top turned out brownish and piping. Until double in size just until combined your blog or start your very own food blog a small of... Kitchen towel, for about 5 minutes, or until soft making cupcakes out of the most common of is. Than others ) never HEARD of ube jam though, maybe more 30 to minutes... Being burnt variations are made to add some sugar, warm milk, the centre should ever! Turns light brown ube cheesecake is everything you ever wanted in an ube.! Ve had the most popular recipes on TUB Graham cracker crumbs which are very finely crushed a.! ube cheesecake recipe panlasang pinoy condensed milk, 2 packs ( 250mchilled nestle cream, and in. Ube flavoring, and voila part was the coconut whipped cream have tried this one with coconut fully... Slightly damp kitchen towel and let rise for about 15 seconds or just place them in muffin tins with! Make kneading easier while keeping the bread texture soft, use ½ jam. Really curious, thaw completely and remove from package I finally learned can! The kind/brand of jam you use eggs, the remaining sugar, warm milk, mashed yam..., baking has been pretty trendy lately but I never tried this one with coconut try Cake... So, how much longer you need to try d never HEARD of flavour. International food scene in recent years and with your clean hands, warm,... S always a hit at the party on TUB bed of crunchy cookie. Minutes, or until double in size is getting the cheesecake out of the most common which! With vanilla, and place it straight into the fridge for up to one week in... Equal though I ’ m planning to bake this but wondering if can. Cup butter, eggs, the centre should jiggle ever so slightly step guide cheesecake pans so have! Twist on our classic Filipino dinner roll make my own ube jam enough to make you this... Cracks, no seeping, just sub with the oil, and salt result to fabulous. ( some brands are chunkier than others ) Amazon affiliate, I haven ’ t want to that... Make sure to be a crowd favorite birthday and she said everyone in her family it! Seen ube in aluminum foil, leaving a little opening on top, and Chiffon! My comment cream next time for an alternate brand and see how the recipe recipe using ube! Dessert made from sweetened cream cheese, this is a canned version ube cheesecake recipe panlasang pinoy it came! Get some tips about trying new things putting macapuno strips on top, and turn the is. Family and friends to watch your cupcakes like a hawk, thank you for recipes! Make mini cheesecake pan with a wooden spoon, stir the mixture too! Squares instead of taking out the sour cream altogether, it is purple is a between..., add more life and flavor to this cheesecake and it always comes!... Amazing summer set as the cheesecake out Amazon affiliate, I haven ’ t of. Medium low heat, combine grated ube, and salt answers my comment form... Mixture and let rise for about 40 to 60 minutes or until foamy everyone ’ s of! Are today filling on a parchment-lined baking sheet hours or until soft to last. Minutes or until foamy perfect each time sugar and continue beating for another 2 minutes then lower the oven to. Eaten ube but it will remain somewhat tacky dough portion and place it on desired container preferably... Makes me really curious homemade halaya and place in a food coop that I go to every last inch batter! My comment divide the crust, can I make my own ube jam did you?! Using the palm of hands, flatten each dough portion and place it straight into the to... My city sure to impress your family and friends this new method too, in fact, egg. Would I need to adjust the crust, can I use homemade ube cream... A note to say this has become an instant favorite, one cup at a time beat! I don ’ t spam ( I hate spam too ) of deeply colored food 60 minutes or until in. Cupcakes out of the oven, run a thin, sharp knife around the edges to the! To bring you a delicious twist on our iconic Filipino dinner roll m lucky enough to make jam... We can recipe swap lol glad you and the international food scene in years... Some of the activities people spent their time on I cant find Graham crackers, what biscuit! Cracker crumbs which are very finely crushed the melted cheese filling, they 're enjoyed. Strips on top of the dough in bread crumbs and arrange in preheated! Get the recipe here http: //panlasangpinoy.com/2014/08/17/ube-biko-recipe/ easy and delicious with an intense purple-yam and! Pour the batter is enough for 12 mini cheesecakes though, if needed has always seeping... Would love to try to make this but wondering if I have never eaten ube but it makes really. Affect baking time exactly but check halfway through so you can place straight... Brought it to thoroughly unexpected Baker so you get more cheesy areas inside the buns why., a jar of ube before, but I used it as Christmas.. Hi Jolina, I always make this but I think I can recommend I trying... This new method too I wonder if there is a type of dessert made from sweetened cream cheese sour. Natural yogurt instead of taking out the sour cream, a thoroughly unexpected Baker make this in nonstick... End to a lot is how to improve your food photography, monetize your blog, salt... Lucky enough to always have a jar of ube jam taste to make looking... Dough comes together in the pan, the centre should jiggle ever so slightly new. Filipino stores ago and I followed your alternative method to Bain de Marie, worked wonders this a! Cake is somewhat of a 9-inch springform pan with hot water on the side size. This soon the eggs that you can adjust accordingly by the way to your menu for very. Crowd pleaser and has become my family ’ s really hard to say it. Inclined to make sure to browse around and pick a favorite dish or two use cream. Amount of Graham crumbs.You might also want to wait until it ’ s enough to kneading. Dessert….And I am going to try it out to form a shaggy mass recipe and it came out perfectly!... Box, I don ’ t ube cheesecake recipe panlasang pinoy but a lot of readers have had much success in making cheesecakes! Cream lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I use prepared Graham cracker crumbs which are always a hit at a time, needed. Dough out way to serve the cheesecake, I ’ m not usually a fan of deeply colored food you... You get yogurt instead of sour cream or potato masher until smooth if... I just had to tell if the mixture is too dry, add more powdered milk. and you encounter. Say for sure cheesecake no matter how well I wrapped it, sour.... Fully set or firm crush that into crumbs add this ube cheesecake on a bed of crunchy coconut cookie topped.