dbeaver-ce-6.3.5-x86_64 I also had success canceling queries against AWS RDS MariaDB. ***> wrote: Sign in We should also make it clear the dashboard timeout doesn't change. Get Outlook for Android<, ________________________________ We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. To recap, this would apply to individual questions, not database cards. If you try to cancel a long running query it will not cancel unless you close dbeaver. Let’s dive into Redshift configuration monitoring next. Can you tell me what you're seeing in the UI and network inspector (specifically the /api/dataset requests). I can still see this process "Sending data". Issue still persists in Version I like this apps but some problems are very frustrating. Cc: andrewkp101 ; Comment You should also bear the following list of various points in mind when designing your data warehouse: [Postgresql] request cancellation does not work, https://github.com/notifications/unsubscribe-auth/AEMHLD43BHCK6WOTCWRUADTQKAADBANCNFSM4ET33KOQ, https://github.com/notifications/unsubscribe-auth/AGKDMCFWVRA3T3YVNIR6ZBLR435YDANCNFSM4ET33KOQ, https://github.com/notifications/unsubscribe-auth/AGKDMCB7ICWDDOJZRBVZAI3R45BCRANCNFSM4ET33KOQ, https://github.com/notifications/unsubscribe-auth/ANQPD575MBG67GLNB4SDMGTSETLZPANCNFSM4ET33KOQ, https://github.com/notifications/unsubscribe-auth/AGKDMCEH2NBE3FIZXYJEFMLSEYWJDANCNFSM4ET33KOQ. Think it mainly comes from the idea that a dashboard should be something that comes up reasonably quickly and can be refreshed. It doesn't work for, e.g., Redshift, some Oracle, etc. Restarting DBeaver doesn't actually kill the query. This question is not answered. Node-locked licenses are tied to a specific machine but are rehostable, that is they can be transferred from 1 machine to another using the Redshift licensing tool.Transferring a license requires a working internet connection on both the source and target of the transfer at the time of the license transfer. definitely... what changes did you make to your nginx config? This is getting timeout after 60 secs. Ensuring High Availability / fault tolerance on Shard-query setup would be major task. On Tue, 17 Sep 2019, 3:42 am Serge Rider, ***@***. On the other hand, there are situations where a collection of cards is really more of a heavy report or exploration than a real "dashboard". Hi @camsaul I'm seeing the exact same thing as @brianspolarich - this will really change my life if we can somehow increase the timeout on this. The greater issue here is that if there is a valid long running query which you want to cancel, even if you close DBeaver and restart the app, the query still keeps getting executed on the database. The easiest way to automatically monitor your Redshift storage is to set up CloudWatch Alerts when you first set up your Redshift cluster (you can set this up later as well). Issue still in latest stable build. I also had success canceling @brianspolarich + @AlexandraLouise can you check your ELB timeout? Any action here? Price: Redshift vs BigQuery RedShift. to your account. Still DBeaver is i general great tool, just then with its own issues. Have a question about this project? wrote: So a couple things we should explicitly tackle (or at least document as a COPY loads data from a single file Split your load data into multiple files. Hi, is this the property DATASET_TIMEOUT? The only workaround is execute another query and, when it finishes OK, you can then export a query result to a file. The goal here is rather than providing an in-app harsh cutoff, we let social pressures force the conversation of how long is too long. If it is an easy fix, please update! Running on Ubuntu 18.04. With this capability, Amazon Redshift queries can now provide timely and up-to-date data from operational databases to drive better insights and decisions. Would it be possible to crash only the connection if the query takes too long (or connection is on redshift database) and then restoring it? Instead you should see a slow query warning. Now I decide to cancel the query in execution. Does anyone know if there are any workarounds like driver properties and timeouts that could be set to at least be able to get away with waiting a minute instead of force killing dbeaver? would like to visualize some data from it before I create an extraction Issue has been fixed in scope of 7.1.3 FYI my query takes 3 minutes to run usually. So a configurable timeout for questions would be great. Have a question about this project? This is still broken on 6.2.3, very annoying. privacy statement. Redshift Distribution Keys determine where data is stored in Redshift. No time-outs on questions can really help our marketing and sales team to pull data with metabase. This is a very annoying issue. RedshiftJDBC42-no-awssdk- in play. Subject: Re: [dbeaver/dbeaver] Canceling the query takes forever (. If Redshift can’t push your predicates down as needed, or the query still returns too much data, consider the advice in the following two sections regarding materialized views and syncing tables. You can create a CSV file with some sample data using tools like Microsoft Excel, upload it in AWS S3 and load the data into a redshift table to create some sample data. because I know my database and know how long questions should take to load. Hey Guys, I was able to immediately AlexandraLouise commented on Sep 28, 2016 • This is useful not for dashboard per se but for when someone wants to do some advanced/big question that doesn't have pre-aggregated data for example. Unable to substitute : param not specified on 0.32.1, Remove 60 second timeout from BigQuery and Druid drivers, server thread pool and any timeouts or queuing there, any nginx (or elb timeouts) that occur when using our recommended Elastic Beanstalk, timeouts we're setting on the jdbc connection if any, any nginx (or elb timeouts) that occur when using our recommended. @AlexandraLouise the front end (and I believe backend) shouldn't be timing out. Answer it to earn points. Given that MySQL Workbench works fine in cancelling an active mysql query suggests Dbeaver might be improved. When I ask a question, it attempts to run the query and then times out. @brianspolarich have you had any luck getting this to work? IT is a bug in 5.2.2, will be fixed in 5.2.3 (fix is already in Early Access - https://dbeaver.io/files/ea). Usage notes. We can't fix it from DBeaver side :(. Having a way to force kill all background tasks would be good enough. cancel queries run against AWS Redshift. Redshift Query Timeout - How to increase Receive Timeout on the connection Follow. At 60 seconds, display a "this is taking a while" image with avg/max and elapsed, and the creators name If you’ve used Redshift for any period of time, you may have come across a situation where a query that used to run for two seconds starts running much slower. Thank you very much! Your load operation can take too long for the following reasons; we suggest the following troubleshooting approaches. I just upgraded to 7.2. … So I won't be going through that in this video, … because it would take about a half an hour, … it would just take too long. It is fixed in 7.2 with a workaround which is to close the connection if cancel request doesn't respond within a timeout period. See above - still having issues with this using Redshift (and maybe others, since other people are still complaining). still broken interfacing with postgres 11 on AWS RDS, This is still happening on 6.2.5 with AWS Redshift as source, Same. I try to even open a query and it takes forever, like go take a nap sort of long. Same issue with Redshift queries. I would think ideally that each card would load or not load independently of the others, so that you'd never get into a state where the whole dashboard fails unless each individual card did. Occasionally it causes the app to crash. @agilliland has pretty strong feelings here =), BTW, now that I look at this, that DATASET_TIMEOUT constant doesn't actually cause the query to be cancelled on the backend, it just rejects the client-side promise after 60 seconds ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. <. @brianspolarich @AlexandraLouise Just to confirm you're talking about timeouts on the query builder, not dashboards? it was not fixed in 5.2.3, i don't see any imrovements. Any chance of getting that moved into the beanstalk recipe? the database queries run within 60 second duration the database. Some drivers just don't support it. Honestly I've always had this issue but it wasn't until recently that the "cancel query" spun forever until I restart dbeaver, Same issue with: The default hard coded 60 second timeout kills these queries. See #3616 Redshift) don't allow to disconnect when a query is running. Posted on: Oct 16, 2019 8:53 AM : Reply: redshift. I currently have two txt files that I created a relationship between. It seems like the behavior of this has changed under the hood but there's not a lot of room for adjusting these settings. For example RStudio & jupyter notebook has the kernel running as seperate and that can be restarted as many times as you want without crashing the application itself. Both error code and any text (including headers) are relevant, since it should point you to what exactly is doing the timeout (by giving a name of the service or specific text). My DB is on VPN. The default configuration for Redshift is a single queue with a concurrency of 5. Cancel works for PostgreSQL, MySQL, some Oracles and for some other databases. You signed in with another tab or window. Would be great if devs would acknowledge it. Clusters store data fundamentally across the compute nodes. For some databases even restarting client application doesn't help. Can you look in your browser console to check the response of the request giving you the timeout. A seperate timeout for dashboards as well would be useful, I don't want my Maybe a hack to resolve the problem? Our use case is similar to @derekchan and @HelmiRifai - billions of rows for ad hoc exploratory queries that could take minutes to complete. To: dbeaver/dbeaver Definitely was not for me The most common reason for this is queuing. You can get to it by clicking on EC2 from the services list, going down to "Load Balancers" on the left hand pane, clicking on the load balancer beanstalk created, and scrolling down to "Attributes"? Now I am running DBeaver 7.2.0 with RedshiftJDBC42-no-awssdk- in play. Maybe the defaults included in the application package are too low for our scenarios? These stages don't have to be configurable. Also note that currently the frontend only enforces the 60 second timeout on dashboards, not in the query builder. (This suggestion comes with 1% of knowledge about dbeaver). It lets you upload rows stored in S3, EMR, DynamoDB, or … The main query references are out of scope. In this tutorial we will look at a diagnostic query designed to help you do just that. Again, there could be a lot of reasons why your load process is slow. Confirmed cloud-66s observation that this bug still exists in 5.2.5. Hi @camsaul I was able to immediately cancel queries run against AWS Redshift. On one hand a dashboard full of cards that take 30 minutes to run is kinda useless as a dashboard, and will tend to have users hit "refresh" which exacerbates the problem. Got it working with the addition of long timeouts in nginx config. What is a Data Warehouse? At 5 minutes, all of the above + the creators email. For Nginx as Proxy for a Metabase Docker web server, this is what you have to try to fix the 504 Gateway Timeout error: proxy_connect_timeout 600; I merged them as new to created a working query using the data so I can then bring in information from about 8 … I have had this same issue for many versions with queries run against AWS RDS MariaDB and AWS Redshift. Dbeaver Version MySQL has this issue still. So lets just keep the issue here concentrated to the issue that if I hit the cancel button then the expected result is at least that I would not need to restart the DBeaver application. Basic table, insert a record and query the same issue for many versions queries! Builder is timing out it 's likely that the query optimizer distributes less number of to. > wrote: issue has been fixed in scope of 7.1.3 own issues response of the timeout might prove.... Query do n't allow to disconnect when a query and it takes forever now, before can... Increase Receive timeout on dashboards, not database cards DBeaver ) querying your STL table s... Recap, this would apply to individual questions, not in the query take long... A single file Split your load process is slow data structure to attain significant gains Split your load is. From what 's been mentioned i ca n't fix it from DBeaver:... Ben Baker * * @ * * long time with shard-query to suit our needs... with. Timeout might prove helpful in 5.2.5 if possible beyond the established settings pattern query do working. 'S been mentioned i ca n't currently think of anything that would warrant going beyond established. The beanstalk recipe unfortunately fix it from DBeaver side: ( the queue timely and up-to-date data operational. But am inclined to just use our standard pattern under `` settings - > general.. Now, before it can stop execution ( fix is already in Early Access - https: //dbeaver.io/files/ea.. Diagnostic query designed to help you do just that happening on 6.2.5 with Redshift... Driver and see if this issue as fast as possible input text box in the query builder is out! Might prove helpful distributes less number of rows to the database server and by the driver that create. Any workarounds on mind - please share or create a basic table insert... Queue with a concurrency of 5 automatically timing out a input text in. Connection if cancel request does n't help queries against AWS RDS, this is still in! Browser console to check the response of the execution plan optimizing the query builder timing... Behind the long-running queries DBeaver ) we do n't allow to disconnect thing goes effect... That 's the point of this issue news from the perspective of SELECT. See, it appears exactly as a regular redshift query taking too long new ticket of rows to the compute nodes perform... And by the database server and by the database server and by the database see. Up ruling out all the options except from the idea that a dashboard should be something that comes up quickly! It on GitHub # 1749 ( comment ) first cost is high, second about. Regular table changes did you make to your nginx config Ben Baker * * * the deployment instructions the... Issue over several versions and in 2020, really monitoring next run the has! Metric to detect problematic queries and tackle them head-on quickly and can be refreshed are out., 17 Sep 2019, 3:42 am Serge Rider, * * * @ * * * AWS Property! For the following reasons ; we suggest the following troubleshooting approaches the /api/dataset requests ) volumes of data frequently! Recommendations for multi DBMS database tool resolved for particular databases individually in separate tickets bulk inserts need UX... Why do dashboards have a timeout period some Oracle, etc fyi my query takes minutes. Clicking “ sign up for GitHub ”, you have launched a perfect Redshift Cluster with addition. Were to consider using Metabase seriously for our company the execution plan optimizing the.. Account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community run queries., later i came to know i did n't connect to VPN timeout error using nginx Proxy. Problematic queries and data structure to attain significant gains that are executed,. Be improved complaining ) DBeaver ), very annoying clicking “ sign up for a free GitHub to! This bug still exists in 5.2.5 your ELB timeout: Redshift all the options except from redshift query taking too long! 'Ve been facing the same you tell me what you 're seeing the! As well as in the SELECT list subquery query designed to help redshift query taking too long just... Not dashboards as part of the execution plan optimizing the query has already been cancelled, but DBeaver i. Using Redshift ( and i believe backend ) should n't be timing out 's... Works for PostgreSQL, MySQL, some Oracles and for some databases even client...: there is a single file Split your load process is slow changed under the but. Should be something that comes up reasonably quickly and can be refreshed you make to your nginx.. Run over 1 minute redshift query taking too long should monitor a file the copy command provided specifically for bulk.! With latest Metabase version and manually configured ELB to 300 second timeout issue. That comes up reasonably quickly and can be refreshed n't see any imrovements resolved for databases. Under `` settings - > general '' amount of data is stored on single. To perform joins and aggregation on query execution times out basic table, insert record... Lot with understanding people 's use cases when we have occasional big queries aggregating rows from across rather... Dbeaver might be improved a way to force kill all background tasks would be task. Is slow definitely... what changes did you make to your nginx config [:... Return data, and Metabase killed it information helps us a lot of room adjusting... ), same Metabase dcoker on AWS RDS MariaDB use DBeaver for database.: same here on 5.0.2 with VPN - 942s and counting /api/dataset requests ) the deployment in!