The charge also includes a billing and payment charge, which is fixed at $1.20. This is why it is never fully possible to pay zero dollars on your electric bill, however you can earn money from your annual True-Up Energy statement if you produce more energy than you consume over the year. Report trouble with your electric service or to check on the status of a previously reported electric service problem. Violators will be prosecuted. Please see the Section on Electric Supply below for a further description of the Purchased Electricity Adjustment. Power Shutoff Scams. Now, Con Ed is trying to double bill our account for the 4/15-7/15 time period, claiming that we used another 97 therms (they want another $181+) , … The cost covers the meter, the meter reading, and maintenance of the meter on a regular basis. In its current rate case, the utility had originally attempted to levy a solar charge of $3.53 per kilowatt that customers generate. In this case, they pretend to be from the electric company, and their strategy for getting … We Energies has also worked to limit the market for residential rooftop solar. Question: I am moving to New York City in April, and I’m wondering if the rent listed on your site is the final price I have to pay per month for the apartment — or if there is an additional fee being added each month or once a year, for example, for the heating or warm water. The Basic Service charge is a charge that all Con Edison customers receive on a monthly basis. when you first move in the bill comes in way high cause they got the last reading prob 3-6 months prior from the last tenant so they estimate and take into account those prior months so they make it look like there was a carried forward balanced until you paid your … This charge is fixed, therefore it is the same every month no matter what. I just found out that the apartment is required to be re-painted every 3 … Email Address When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. I'm moving into an apartment on Saturday that needs to be repainted, and my new landlord tried to charge me $50/month more in order to do so, and I declined and decided I would do it myself. These Prices to Compare do not include the Purchased Electricity Adjustment, which is a component of the ComEd Electric Supply Charges. For gas emergencies, call 911 or 1 … ? Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. If it seems unfair to charge … Consolidated Edison Company Fourth Revised Leaf No. In this case, says Kalson, the first step is to call Con Edison to investigate a possible shared meter condition. 2. Power shutoff scams are a type of phishing scam in which hackers pose as representatives of a company you do business with to get money from you. This charge, coupled with the NBC Net Usage Adjustment make up the minimum delivery charges that must be paid each month. After calling Con Edison to complain about the discrepancy, the power company adjusted his bill accordingly, saving him nearly $60. Any unauthorized entry or use of Con Edison's My Account system is prohibited. I’m interested in apartments for two people. Beginning with the June 2017 billing period, there was a new charge in the “Taxes & Fees” section of your ComEd bill. 271 of New York, Inc. Superseding Third Revised Leaf No. If approved, the fee would have forced residential solar customers to pay about $180 more per year. How much should I calculate for water, electricity, etc.