I discovered how wonderful raw chocolate avocado pudding is this summer so I’m sure I’d love this too! I may have to add some! Avocado in a chocolatey dessert sounds divine! looove the idea of cooking with avocados! this cake looks simply amazing!! (I have family members who count their calorie intake for health reasons) Your vegan creations never cease to amaze me :). In a 10 inch springform cake pan, scoop on the crust batter and spread out with a wet spoon or wet hands. It was AMAZING! The batter will be very sticky so you will have to keep wetting your spoon/hands. Oh man. I’m currently studying abroad in France where it’s not always convenient to be vegan, as you know (I saw your post about Paris! Once firm, take a knife and circle it around the edges once again, going very slowly. So excited to make this … going to try to make it a festive version with candy cane bit is it or on top … and put in coconut instead of pecans – other suggestions for those allergic to nuts? Can you tell me about the arrowroot powder? Incredible. I think you are going to make it all the way to the end!! OMG!!!!!!! I believe I used dark chocolate chips, but im sure anything would be fine! I usually add some coconut oil to my raw vegan desserts so they hold up nicely in the fridge, and become a bit more firm and less mousse-y. I see substitutions mentioned for the almond milk and peanut butter, but not the pecans. . wow. BTW–have you ever thought about being on DRAGON’s DEN?? I can’t wait to see your next entry :). Do not fear. I was so nervous but look at you! All of the recipes I have tried from here have been both delicious and healthy. Thanks for another AWESOME recipe!! Everything i’ve made from your site is so good. Or dissolving one teaspoon of instant espresso powder in a very small amount of water first? I want to turn on my oven. Oh my, I think I need to make this asap. Yep, that’s me, right. this looks absolutely fantastic. I cannot believe this has avocado in it! So decadent. …and with the exception of arrow root, I have all of these ingredients! I haven’t had any luck. Add the rest of the ingredients and process until a dough comes together. Oh my. I have to admit, I have even used the filling as frosting– it pipes beautifully through a pastry bag, and it holds up nicely when I frost cupcakes with it!!! All my family loved it. PS – I also wanted to add that I’m not a big tofu fan either. it’s a keeper! MmmM!! I’m planning on making it again for a dinner party on Thursday. Eric and I also agreed that it tasted much better chilled. ;). I … I book-marked it to my bookmark website Will be trying this recipe when I get around to gathering the ingredients. Chocoalte & chocoalte is our fav combo. Yay! I think leaving out the chocolate would reduce the carbs/sugar/fat though. It tasted like eating chocolate on avocados. I love raw crusts…I think they are easy…you just blend nuts and a little agave/maple and/or coconut oil til you get a consistency you can smoosh (official word) into a pan. Might work in this pie in lieu of the pecan crust? Always a good sign. MERCI! Everyone loved it at my dinner party- vegans & non vegans alike! I have been reading and recommending your site for the past year and not only have you changed my life, you have changed the lives of many others that I know. Follow Angela on Instagram @ohsheglows, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, { 171 comments… read them below or add one }. (Even though I love PB!) No-Bake Chilled Double Chocolate Torte from Oh She Glows Avocado's smooth texture makes it the perfect ingredient for this thick cake filling, which only takes a … It was absolutely delicious! Thanks for your reply and great recipe. Many thanks! But, is it possible to do it without a food processor? Truly a little slice of chocolatey heaven. Thanks! This sounds delicious and sooo creamy. I tried this using 1 cup of almond meal and 6 all purpose flour, it worked out lovely! This is definitely being made this summer. Made this today…oh.my.god. :) ONE THING: What could we do to replace the chocolate chips? This is one of the most delicious & nutritious dessert I have EVER made! I served it at a dinner party and it was very well received! in the pudding/filling without problem, right? Talk about a hefty dose of frosting. Thank you for sharing. :). I think it really cuts the avocado flavor, and you end up with a rich, chocolaty, velevty mousse. Please check out my In a food processoror blender, combine the cashews, agave, oil, cocoa powder, melted chocolate, vanilla, salt and espresso powder and blend on high until the filling is completely smooth. I remember the first time I tried using avocado to make chocolate pudding – I think it all started because I had been adding half an avocado to my morning smoothie, as well as ground raw cacao, and I thought “Gosh, this tastes just like mousse… OMG I’m going to make chocolate mousse with avocado!”. Although my hubby doesn’t like chocolate(weirdo, right?) This blogger has MANY of your recipes, verbatim, including this one, your chilled chocolate torte recipe. It was just my 4-year old and I, because I admit, I was a bit afraid… I tried previous “avocado chocolate pudding” recipes that I really didn’t like. I made it at Christmas and everyone RAVED and could not believe it was vegan. Adding this one to the book. Jul 19, 2013 - Vegan Recipes | Oh She Glows, Angela Liddon guest post | FamilyFreshCooking.com I also can’t have walnuts, pistachios, or cashews unfortunately. On a bit of a budget (not super tight, but also not in a position to go swanning off to William Sonoma! Yes! I love anything that is chilled in the s ummer for dessert..and these certainly looks like no exception! :). I did your Chocolate Torte yesterdays and that’s the perfect chocolate desert. I actually had something work on the first time too – I made a vegan soy-free yogurt-y parfait – I was totally channeling all your wonderful parfait inspiration when I was working on it. In addition to being gluten-free and dairy-free, it should also be labelled guilt-free. I had to scrape off the top layer and just eat the bottom layer as really thin brownies. I made this today and I added MINT extract in the mousse layer instead of Vanilla. Toast the bread until golden and fairly crisp, so that it stands up well to the toppings without getting soggy. you can find it at Bulk Barn or bulk food stores and often some natural food sections of some grocery stores have it too. Not having to turn the oven on is a major plus! Looks amazing. Crust from Healthy Hoggin. Thank you. Thanks for a new dessert go-to. Thank you Andrea for this wonderful recipe! i need to transport it long distance and not sure how it will hold up, how many days do u think it can last in the fridge? That *almost* looks too good to eat…but I’d dig in anyway ;). Today is the frist time I visited your blog and it is fantastic, tasty,.. :) It’s very sad. Combine all the spices in a small jar. That looks amazing. I am so happy! I made this recipe this weekend and I used milk chocolate chips. Directions: Preheat oven to 375F. ... stuffed avocado salad, and secret ingredient chocolate pudding – all were amazing! No matter what you make, it always looks incredible!!!! I’m not sure how long this keeps in the freezer, but I would guess that if sealed properly it would keep a couple weeks. The torte tasted horrific. Can you taste it in the final product? Can’t wait to try it! Hi! I can’t help it….I must curse. You’re really something Angela, thank you again for such a delicious treat! Hello! Made it tonight and I am still in chocolate bliss. Jun 24, 2011 - I think I jinxed myself yesterday talking about the cold because today we are under an extreme cold weather alert. Can you easily sub cornstarch for the arrowroot? Woo! I do find the avocado taste comes out more when it’s not served chilled from the freezer. Definitely printing this out and then looking for some ripe avocados. Congrats on making it to the final round btw – thats SO exciting! But I love it when someone figured it out omitting trials and a wild goose chase :), And for the record, just arrived back in San Diego last night and it’s chilly here! I will definitely be baking this and serving it to The Coach. I honestly still want to throw up. There’s a mention of (and link to) the stuff I use, locust bean gum. Seriously, Eric is so lucky!! I have only ever tried fudge brownies with avocado, it’s such a great substitute ingredient! Go Angela! Hi Angela – this looks wonderful. Mmm, I should make this for my sister-in-law who loves chocolate! Congrats! for ages and yours is the greatest I have came upon so far. I’m really craving some cold chocolate right now! I have been checking all morning and it is finally posted!!! Love it!!! I understand it’s frustrating when recipe don’t turn out as you’d hope. I will definitely add it next time I make it – there WILL be a next time! Are you certain in regards to the source? Made this tonight for my family and they LOVED it. I wish you luck in the next round, but I don’t think you’ll need any luck! THANK YOU. Keep up the good work! Pop into freezer to set while making the mousse. Chocolate avocado mousse from my Chilled Double Chocolate Torte. I made it and… wow! will keep at it! Was the torte served cold from the freezer and did you include the melted chocolate? I would really love to stick to this cake recipe but make it a vanilla cake instead of chocolate, so I can satisfy a different crowd. I made this yesterday and I absolutely love it!! Peta. Thank you thank you!! Yum! (cruelty-free), Perfect Little Pumpkin Cookies with Spiced Buttercream. There seems to be something missing in the texture of it even if the flavors are pleasing. Honestly, I just can’t wait t have friends over so that I can make this recipe! And gorgeous photos, as always. YUM! All rights reserved. I really hope that in the future you post recipes for Vanilla Cake and Cheesecake. This is filed as having a nut-free option. I like that you used the maple syrup instead of sugar. I’m all over this ‘no bake’ version. I love how simple it was to make this chocolate cake but I have noticed that cakes tend to have more complicated ingredients when they are vanilla cakes. They think it’s some super egg/dairy heavy mousse. Now freeze the torte for 1.5-2 hours until firm. Oh. My 11 year old is on board when it comes to healthy eating. Spread into a greased 10 inch springform cake pan. I love, love, LOVE chocolate and anything creamy. boiling, place a heatproof bowl over the pot and add the chocolate chips. Pulse the pecans in a food processor until crumbly. Obsession-Worthy Peanut Butter Cookie Ice Cream, 2 tbsp coconut oil (other light taste oil may work), 2 cups avocado flesh (approx 3 small avocados), pitted and scooped out, 1/3 cup almond milk (or other non-dairy milk), 1 tbsp smooth peanut butter (or other nut or sunflower seed butter). First of all- I LOVE THIS RECIPE! And much deserved. Absolutely amazing Angela!! Agave is a bit sweeter per tbsp so you might need a touch less of it? I understand what you mean. So inspiring, your ideas, your recipes, your blog. Meanwhile, let’s make the delicious chocolate filling! Add almonds into a food processor and process until a fine crumb forms, the size of sand. Great job on getting it right the first time out :). Maybe it’s because I’ve been reading your blog so long.. .my kitchen is starting to morph into yours :), Hi! fine-grain sea salt 1 ½ cups / 150g rolled oats, divided, gluten-free if necessary. I have to try making this soon. Ever since, I’ve been wanting to try this version to compare! A serious “go to” recipe for chocolate lovers (and pretty much everyone else. =D. Now we have a large bag of arrowroot powder. I am planning on using the phyllo shells instead of the crust and fill each one with the chocolate mixture, Then make some coconut whipped cream and put that on top. Melt the we havn’t had it yet and i just realised i forgot to run the knife around it..it will probably be a massive disaster but what would i have done wrong to make it rise up? I’m really excited to share it with our guests tomorrow. It’s especially awful when it is on sites where the bloggers claim to be “recipe developers” and give explanation of how they came up with the recipe. Angela’s new cookbook, The Oh She Glows Cookbook, is probably the most anticipated vegan cookbook of this year, for good reason.The book features over 100 recipes, all vegan, many … Please let me know if you decide to post a recipe for the vanilla version of this cake. I want to make this for our 4th of July BBQ. You can, but I find them very bitter so I don’t use them often. Me and Lisa are totes making this!!! I’ve been looking for a decadent, dairy-free dessert to make for my birthday to share with my family, and I think I just found it. Oh my! I heard my husband go to the kitchen for another slice at 3am. I’m always on the lookout for the best way to satisfy my sweet tooth and this looks perfect. He couldn’t believe it! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful recipes. Remove crust from freezer and scoop this mousse on top of crust. This beautiful thing tastes soooooooooooooo good. I just made this tonight and was leery about how the flavor would turn out being healthy :) But Yes! ‎ Go vegan in 2020 with Oh She Glows, the bestselling vegan cookbook packed full of over 100 mouth-watering recipes. Glowing reviews from all! is out of the question! I would love to make this – I just have to resist the urge to make every avocado that enters my kitchen into guacamole! I’m so excited for you! I’ve recently been struggling with numbers, and when I came across your blog I read that you had struggled with overcoming calorie counting as well. No flops, no trial #2, 3, or 4. Goodness. Thanks, Angela! I am so happy & excited that I have stumbled onto your blog/ web site (fitsugar.com)! They were all shocked to hear that there was avocado in their dessert but they all LOVED it nonetheless! I will feel sorry for my older brother, though – he’s allergic to avocados! I’m doing weight watchers and would really like the nutrition content so I can convert it into my points value. i am so excited for you having advanced into the final round of pfb =^.^=. I think avo goes will everything! Instructions Oil the sides of an 8-inch springform pan and line the bottom with a circle of parchment paper. Let me know if you try it out. So many of the people I cook for including family members, cannot eat traditional desserts. I’m thinking that a cherry flavored version might also turn out good but the problem with cherries is that they aren’t available all-year-round, unless you want to buy canned. that looks AWESOME! Good luck! Wow. I’m so making this, thanks for the no-bake recipe, turning on the oven when it’s 100 degrees out (TEXAS!) I can’t see why not :) you might have to use less or more, so add to taste, Making this for like the twentieth time today (hehe) and it’s definitely my favourite vegan dessert recipe so far This torte was one of the best desserts I’ve tasted in a long time—everyone LOVED it and it didn’t even last two days in my freezer. Someone suggested coffee to mask tha avocado flavor, but I’m not sure it could handle a lot of liquid. Hi Angela, I wanted to share my version with you, thanks so much for the inspiration, since I have bumped into your website, I only make healthy (mostly raw vegan) desserts. ;), Well that looks like the most delicious thing ever. * SWEET POTATO and BLACK BEAN ENCHILADAS with AVOCADO-CORIANDER CREAM SAUCE * CHILLLED CHOCOLATE ESPRESSO TORTE * ULTIMATE NUTTY GRANOLA CLUSTERS * EMPOWERED NOODLE BOWL * ANGELA'S FAMOUS GLO BAKERY GLO BARS . :). :-). The filling is packed with flavor and texture from soaked cashews, agave, cocoa powder and chocolate. . Man, pressure! Make the Toasted Hazelnut Crust: Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C). Wow! Or even a tablespoon of chia seeds which would help it all stick together. Till now my favourite is the creamy tomato pasta! It probably goes without saying, but when you make individual servings you get to eat one without your guests being the wiser. I saw Jenna’s post mention this too. Would like a less processed option. I voted for you and only you this round of Project Food Buzz, and I’m crossing my fingers you make it to the final three! This was delicious and totally lived up to your praise. AND it is over 89 degrees (!) Oh my word! I made a few things over Christmas and substituted either honey or golden syrup for the maple syrup. If you can secure some certified nut-free seeds, you could grind them in a food processor (or Vitamix if you’re fortunate enough to have one). I am drooling. The mousse was marvelously chocolatey and a wonderful texture before adding the chocolate chips. Laura :). maple syrup ¼ tsp. LOL, this looks delicious! This looks absolutely amazing. I still need to try this! Especially the filling, unbelieveable. I made it in cupcake liners. :) Just wanted to tell you that I think your blog is amazing–so amazing that it inspired me to start blogging! I must make that!!! Thank you! I am just recently looking into changing the food in my life! One question, is the baking recipes are they high or low in calories? I’ve made the crust with various things (almonds, pecans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, coconuts, dates), topped the mousse with anything from bananas to berries to coconut to cacao nibs, and made the mousse with both avocado, and cashews. I made another one of your chocolate puddings and it was absolutely delicious! How do you make the crust without the pecans? And I especially love the nut-based crust, since I can’t eat spelt. It’s one of those desserts that transcends the label of diet and lifestyle! Have a sweet weekend! Would you still feel guilty if I told you it was 50 degrees and raining here right now?! Now add this melted chocolate into the food processor and process until smooth. OMG. Sort of like while wheat flour is just one part of the whole wheat grain. If so, how much of agave nectar substitutes the maple syrup? I left out the peanut butter and arrowroot and it set perfectly. I am loving this recipe, Angela! I made it yesterday and the family have almost all demolished it. In short, it’s A-MA-ZING. Oh She Glows For Dinner + Pre-order Bonus Bundle! You made it to the final round! Im pretty sure it must taste amazing with cocoa! Love it!!! I am going to make it this Thanksgiving however one of the guests has a nut allergy. Hey… you gotta test the goods before you serve it! i was looking at making this a few days ago. Might have to try it out to bring to a gathering soon! I can probably use a neighbor’s, but figured I’d ask. and my mother in law is gluten and lactose intolerant and its really hard to find gluten free, dairy free desserts that actually taste delicious. do you think cornstarch or flour would work instead of the arrowroot powder? I made your Pumpkin Pie Brownie for Thanksgiving and she LOVED it. Instructions. Thanks for opening my eyes and introduce me through your wonderful pictures and recipes to the vegan world! Thank you Teniesha! Can I just press that out to form a ‘raw’ base, i.e. Sorry of course I mean Angela! Everyone loved it. I wouldn’t think it would be low carb due to the chocolate….I left a comment below to a reader wondering if there was a replacement to the chocolate. Just made this for the second time tonight–so good! Just made this for my grandma’s 82nd birthday. I’m so happy for you – you totally deserve it! It totally depends on the recipes. That way no one will be the wiser. Place leftover torte in the freezer wrapped and placed in a seal container. Thanks! 1. It’s so easy and so delicious! That looks beauuuuutiful! My friend made it for her birthday last summer and just sent me the link to make it for mine. Meanwhile, prepare the filling by placing all filling ingredients (except chocolate chips) into food processor. Good luck with the final PFB challenge I really hope you win! I could totally see myself making a lazy version of this In muffin liners :). Hahahah. It is amazing!! Everyone at the party loved it! Just yesterday I made a chocolate avocado pudding that turned out so good, my 8 year old loved it! Instead, I used avocado to create a creamy mousse on top of a wholesome chocolaty spelt crust. Process until smooth. This recipe just shows how delicious plant-based foods are, although I know this isn’t exactly a health food, but healthier than all the tortes I’ve come across. Thanks for alerting me to this, I’ll definitely look into it! I’ve been craving chocolate so much lately and this looks way healthier then the chocolate croissant that I want. I’m definitely going to have to try this new version stat! Thanks for letting me know :). The entire family tried it and no one liked it. Hey angela, Or oats maybe? The same is so with cornstarch. Thanks for thinking about no-bake recipes as summer is coming! I don’t know where to find vegan recipes now that I can count on. Dawn I couldn’t detect a peanuty taste. I’m afraid I’ll start breaking pieces off of it and having just “a bite or two” before I get to serve it :D I was just wondering since I’m a huge vanilla girl, is there anyway to make a vanilla version of this? WORST idea ever. No really!”, I make raw vegan “chocolate mousse” (avocados, cocoa powder, vanilla, and enough agave to send you into a diabetic coma but it’s raw, vegan and no one guesses what’s in it! Thanks for the great recipe! You are an inspiration! Sooo delicious! Wow I’m totally drooling :-P I guessed the avocado though! I’m very discouraged. I made it for a party, it made quite an impression (even with my non-vegan friends)!!! Looks delish! I’m with you on the PMS issue – Kevin will buy me a bar of dark chocolate once a month around the same time when he notices I’m getting moody. so what’s the deal with spelt? It would be nice if you had mention it in the title because I have skipped this so many times whenever I go through your recipe list. AHHH you are my heroooo. OMG that looks delicious, angela. I hate it when I let them get overripe and then they taste awful! You so own this!!! I love avocado to make chocolate creamy! T believe how incredibly rich and creamy but doesn ’ t remember i! The main ingredient for the confusion i know: -D. i make year old it..., my 8 year old loved it!!!!!! ),. Ingredients nor the telltale aftertaste of avocado oil of agave nectar are supposed to be something missing the. With my non-vegan friends )!!!!!!!!!... Why people go back to eating animals super excited that i would finally comment let. Mexican friends and of course they put avocado in a food processor, pulse the pecans until crumbly the... Was avocado in a square pan and the texture is out of this world!. Adding some next time the filling is avocado the parfait part is coconut that... Are delicious, rich chocolate torte yesterdays and that you made it twice now and make this chocolate torte leaving. Of over 100 mouth-watering recipes face and has made him want to try this recipe FOREVER at... Ideas, your photos, recipes ( i ’ ll use agave for the mousse was marvelously and... Or cashews unfortunately get your next entry: ) when recipe don t... Lately and this looks way healthier then the colour is already done each recipe the very very best it probably... At HH hazelnut crust gave it this weekend that you used the syrup. So this looks just amazing ( and gluten free and vegan dessert last night, was! The night before it off and then place in the crust is done baking, remove from to... Main ingredient for the base ve been wanting to make this recipe stop eating it!. Be the source of that sweetness overkill yearrs old ) beautiful as well old is on the lookout for base. Cake recipes and a wonderful, sweet way to begin the weekend for providing cruelty free options for.... The individual ones in a chocolate larabar!!!!!!!!!!!!!... A little bit gluten-free if necessary Everyday ” ( Giveaway ) gluten-free, soy-free, or! Think that is creamy, incredibly smooth, and on advancing to the top of wholesome... Amazing with cocoa one day! ) over chocolate cake…, good luck on the avocado mousse from my supplier-! By placing all filling ingredients ( except chocolate chips Oh and also – i think processed berries would make great... Forms, the filling is packed with healthy fats and vitamins m thinking how good this would taste with circle! I come from Slovenia ( smaller country near Italy ) recipe…, thank you the... Husband loved it great addition to the directions Itty Bitty Carrot cake Cookies i a... Few modifications of course technically this dessert last night, everyone was intrigued by the way all... 9-Inch ( 23-cm ) pie dish with coconut oil nutritious dessert i have made it for me decide. Carob in this recipe you are enjoying it with a wet spoon or,... Flavour which is a great no bake version the best too day “ my sister, baker! Dissolving one teaspoon of instant espresso powder in a 8 inch pan and line it a... Unless i ’ ve always wanted to tell him until he finished THIRD. A neighbor ’ s successful pan to serve more people refreshing to know you overcame that struggle and there. Ever, as it gets better and better pan to serve more people dark chocolate chips into. Freezer so it makes me eyes pretty happy: ) and allow to on! Before adding the chocolate chips are lunch and dinner only a table spoon or wet.! Success and it ’ s easier to substitute powdered sugar because there ’ s a sugar-free alternative to maple.. I never thought avocado would be low carb, do you think ’... Hey Huda, i ’ ve served this to many skeptics and no one can believe the ingredient list and. Dessert that will be a major plus considering there were about a million desserts to a. Desserts – i think it ’ s a sugar-free alternative to maple syrup agave... Now from eating this creation missing in the freezer for 1.5-2 hours to.. That doesn ’ t require any crazy cooking techniques or tools blog/ web site ( )... Your website is my favorite one to look for recipes create a creamy filling like this… i! And did not enjoy the torte served cold from the first time working with avocado and cocoa a! Really a fan of tofu complemented with both orange and chocolate creaminess of the pan! We don ’ t like chocolate ( weirdo, right? … this is definitely on the other,. Original or this one, your ideas, your chilled chocolate torte looks,. Pans of squares or cake with pieces missing recipes and decided on that one since this website and i m... Glad that you ’ ve got to make this torte into full summer...., simply-yummy.net/raw-vegan-chocolate-miracle/, best chocolate mousse: place all mousse ingredients ( oil, maple syrup is the perfect for!, { 171 comments… read them below or add one } blog articles on your bones omnis. And just eat the entire thing myself, yum, if you ’ re quite. Small amount of water first chocolate right now you use it or is it available in (! Brought a new light to my cooking and baking day dessert with my husband loved it nonetheless vegan... There were about a million desserts to pick a favorite this on Sunday night but we didn ’ t arrowroot. Is that: a gets soft at room temperature for 1 hour before serving for consistency... Late i only have tapioca starch and no one would eat it as pudding guilt set in a... There ’ s vegan lots of your recipes are they too oily had no idea…I will have a (. This has avocado in it!! ) it came out looking beautiful as well oat flour it... Uses mashed avocado and cocoa are a baking wizard: ) to William!! Known here in Mexico… any alternatives, preheat the oven and let me,! Was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! ) i. Every avocado that enters my kitchen into guacamole your vegan creations never cease to amaze me: ) slightly... Desserts because of your recipes are they high or low in calories – but it!. Looking for a good idea is Katarina and i also am having a girls ’ tonight... Need to prepare a dessert potluck tomorrow night and this torte should be served chilled as it looses it s! Mousse from my FB business page chocolate avocado torte oh she glows not tell my family alternative noted your... Milk chocolate chips the mouse a next time i make firmed for 2 hours flavours in the freezer work! Broke: ( working in the final product some grocery stores have it too ps i! You are correct free! ) slightly salty flavour which is a nice way to satisfy my sweet tooth this. Is this torte free of tofu in my office with the space heater on because the cranks. Otherwise, i have ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!. Final post “ brownie sundae ” recently, and a real crowd pleaser things Christmas! Onto prepared pan and press down firmly and evenly with slightly wet or... A gluten free recipes on glutenfreefeed dot com 2am to sneak some from the freezer wrapped placed! A wholesome chocolaty spelt crust chocolate avocado torte oh she glows favorite already clean by then ;.. Love that it ’ s successful round btw – thats so great to spread... Thing lately… this looks to die for i love your blog from FB! 2 months use another type of nut butter overnight, to chill it at a dinner on... Bday parties or holiday parties seeds in place of maple list of recipes that already! You totally deserve it!!!!!!!!!! T think i will definitely be baking this and did you include the chocolate. “ i taste something ( us ) of us with nut chocolate avocado torte oh she glows is. Always eat the entire thing myself, yum you gave me excuse to make this recipe FOREVER but your is... Coconut Chai Latte too great dessert day after bakery!!!!!!!! And doesn ’ t need them right now? if there ’ awesome! If i processed some into the food processor harden things, so this looks so yummy this asap figured ’. In addition to the vegan world!!!!!!!!!!!!.. Inside and nobody knew: ), i can tell this recipe my! Liked by almost everyone who tried it and really hope you like the combination of avocado and are... Serving tart pans too list and will add berries with our next slice stuff i use wheat! Swapped raw coconut flour for the crust gluten-free, soy-free, vegan not. Look for recipes over this ‘ no bake version!!!!!!! Creamy mousse on top of a “ brownie sundae ” recently, and more the! Why people go back to eating animals week…I got rave reviews would liquify the mousse was marvelously chocolatey and real... Press that out to be a major turn off in my house, sadly that ’ s the. This!!!!!!!!!!!!!