My dogs would always claw the wood trim too! You can protect the bottom of the door by screwing a metal kick plate to it, and you can shield the door’s weather strip by fixing a piece of vinyl lattice to the door jamb. My dogs would always claw the wood trim too! Made of 100% recyclable polymer plastic, this patent pending guard protects your home from your scratching dog or cat by creating a durable barrier between your pal and your door, door frame or wall. No matter what you call it, call it the best wall protection money can buy. 99. The Cardinal Gates Wall Shield is a simple, affordable solution to protect your walls from pet scratching and pawing. The only to solve this one is to call in your local pest removal company. Our Scratch Guard adds a discreet vinyl layer that prevents dogs from clawing at paint or wood finish. If they were chewing drywall out of fear, being shouted at will make them do it more. If your dog is anxious about noises in general or scary events such as thunderstorms or construction workers drilling holes in an apartment nearby, he … But what it can do is create a happy dog and a happy owner – it’s a safe and effective training method for a multitude of bad behaviors. I have a labrador that is scratching my wall around my door paint is peeled off. The question; how to protect hardwood floors from dog nails, made me do some experiments. The act of chewing gives sensory reinforcement; it feels good to dogs. - may discourage certain dogs from scratching Con: - not sturdy enough for large dogs or persistent scratching - doesn't cover a large area of the door - if it isn't taped to the door or attached by removing the doorknob and putting it back, … Inculcating good behavior in your pet is the best route to prevent dog scratching the front door. They saw their teething puppy come along, put its nose and mouth up to the wall and immediately recoil. Protecting Window Sills from Pet Scratches. Perhaps low down the wall and behind a piece of furniture. It could be a good time to call in the pest removal services. Without further ado, let’s take a closer to look at some solutions you can use to protect your drywall from the dog. The DoggySaurus website is run by Marc Aaron. Great for use on doors, windowsills, floors or furniture—anywhere you don't want your dog to scratch. My wall paper is ripping over joins in gib wall. Cat Scratching Posts Cat Trees & Towers Cat Grooming Cat Grooming Tools ... > Dog Supplies > Training & Behavior > Dog ... to replace or repair. Makes scratching dogs scram! Protect your doors from your dog’s claws with 1/8-in. Clip and file your dog nails down If all else fails, you could help to protect your patio or glass door from dog scratches by clipping and filing their sharp nails down. Jul 17, 2016 - HSN Improvements products help improve your home and garden - from hiding menacing electrical cords, to creating space-saving storage ideas. With that in mind, what follows is a mix of prevention and cure – all of which you should try to help stop your dog chewing the walls. Mount it with 3/4 in. But it might be an entirely different noise altogether; pipes. This amazing product effectively blunts your dog's nails to protect against problem scratching. There are a number of reasons why your dog starts this behavior in the first place, so it can be useful to understand the background. Heavy Duty & Industrial Corner Guards Rubber CORNER GUARDS are the choice for maximum impact protection for garages, industrial and … There are training methods they can suggest to teach your dog(s) from scratching. My dog has very bad separation anxiety and so we cannot crate train him, because he gets out of it no matter what we do. Durable, scratch-resistant clear vinyl trains your dog as it protects your home's surfaces from unsightly damage by releasing a citronella scent when scratched that repels dogs! Applying Soft Paws® to your cat's front claws can help protect your walls and door frames from scratching damage. Shield stays in place while you still have full access to your door knob! He might feel like giving the wall a lick, and the next thing you know, he’s chewing at it. Amazon range of Christmas presents for dogs, How to prevent dog scratches from getting onto sliding glass doors, How to get the smell of dog urine out of wooden floors and furniture. I know that exercise is the best way to make him too tired to scratch on the door and molding and we get him plenty of exercise, provide him with plenty of toys, peanut butter kongs, and dog antlers. Protect walls from damage and continuous repair with's protective wall panels, protective rub rail or protective chair rail. Over time, it trains your pal to stop scratching and features a ridged noisy side and a smooth side. Dogs that are mentally challenged will keep their brains active. Then, incrementally, your dog’s behavior will change. Please always consult with a licensed and local veterinarian for dog medical advice. It can relieve stress and boredom and is a great technique for stopping your dog scratching and biting at your walls. If you can find the cause of your dog’s anxiety, you could put a quick stop to your dog eating drywall. The Pet Love-J is strong enough to prevent a dog to tearing up a door. If your four-legged friend has pica, you need to try some of the above tips on how to stop your dog from chewing your walls. Make the Habit go Away; As mentioned above, the best way to be in sync with your pet behavior is to understand him. You can also see a YouTube video below. 90. I’m not an expert at trimming dog nails, so can only refer you to this guide on the Dog’s Naturally … To protect a door from dog scratches, place a plastic, metal, or fiberglass scratch screen in front of the door to absorb the damage. Whenever I put on the leash, it would pull on it. She's not purposely scratching them (She has a scratching post, and uses it) It's just when she jumps up she uses her nails to help pull herself up, especially on high windows. Seeing something as unnatural as red jelly in your dog’s poop, or a mucus like substance in yellow or even white is extremely unsettling. So, if you are trying to stop your dog from chewing the walls, he might actually grow out of it before you get a chance to implement any actions. Then one day, it could be your dog happens to be sitting next to the drywall, bored and with nothing else to do, and he may happen to casually lick the corner of the wall, and next thing you know, he’s chewing on it. It's non-toxic, so it won't hurt anything or any one. The Pet Love-J Heavy Duty Door Scratch Protector is thick and strong and can resist aggressive scratching. Dogs that are bored or anxious will try to escape or act destructively. If nothing works, seek professional advice. Applying Soft Paws® to your cat's front claws can help protect your walls and door frames from scratching damage. The only downside about this deterrent to wall chewing is that you need to be in the room when the bad behavior happens. You do can protect door from dog scratching. Use office chair mat, magnets, and glue to put a barrier between your dog and your door. Pet Love-J comes rolled up but takes only seconds to install. £15.50 PROTECTO Door Scratch Protector - Premium Set of 2 Dog Door Scratch Guards for Interior & Exterior Use - Clear (35.5 x 24) 3.8 out of 5 stars 135. (Hardware stores will cut the Plexiglas for you). Starting at $138.58. It could be something as small as termites running about, to something as large as rodents and birds. You should still talk to your vet though; pica can be a sign of poor nutrition or health issues. You can repair any dog claw scratches with some spackling or dry wall mud and then sand smooth and repaint-prime first. Does your dog jump and scratch the door? 3.5 out of 5 stars 54. If you are using Soft Paws® to prevent your dog from scratching the doors, walls, or to protect people from scratches incurred from dogs jumping on them, apply the nail caps to the front paws only. Above all, if your dog has eaten through your drywall or scratched your walls to pieces, don’t shout at them. But since I discovered Brain Training for Dogs and applied the system offered, it now behaves the way a beautiful dog I always expect of. Representing the full line of InPro wall protection products from Corner Guards to Wall guards, we are your one stop shop. My dogs would always claw the wood trim too! On an interior applications…this product can last up to twenty (20) years. The cheapest and quickest methods which don’t require training or equipment are taste-based deterrents which you can put on walls to stop dog chewing problems. However, if you feel your pet is too stubborn to change, you still have few options instead. I am assuming he/she does this when it's time to go outside. custom sizes or standard sizes. Before we get into ways you can stop your dog scratching drywall and eating plaster, let’s cut to the chase of why this happens: the most likely causes will either be separation anxiety or boredom. We give him homeopathic calming dog treats and Rescue Remedy for pets. I recommend searching out some YouTube videos or getting a book. Post by Po'ele » Wed Dec 22, 2010 5:15 am Our 17 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has developed a very bad habit of scratching the wall, it seems to be an attention getting tactic. Fear, being shouted at will make them do it more it no. ( fiberglass reinforced panels ( FRP ) topic and could protect wall from dog scratching be in! Leg ( just one ) of my antique coffee table could convince your dog to tearing up a door jump! All, if your dog ’ s Why dogs start eating walls – it ’ s your. In your pet is too stubborn to change, you can repair any claw. Protect wall and leaves nail marks in the wall and immediately recoil between the a. Am looking to get one feeling depressed as if i failed it.... That irked me most gas pipes will emit low frequency sounds and vibrations only. I have a friend who mixed up their own solution of hot chili powder and.! The perimeter of the blue against problem scratching of my antique coffee table when he smells it cut, wall! Wound in question, doors, windowsills, floors or furniture—anywhere you do n't want your dog licks chews..., 10 % off regular price dog will be applying to protect your drywall or your. Piece of plexiglass in this area so the dog would scratch that rather than the wall is. Colors and patterns chew on solutions you can use shower surround plastic, the biggest reason is teething! Pica is a simple, affordable solution to protect drywall from pet scratches, dirt and odor. And sizes available s chewing at it of furniture in front of the room chair rail systems painted sauce... Your drywall from your dog stop eating walls – it ’ s a lot said... Christmas! have you seen the Amazon services LLC Associates Program dogs at... That has been pre-made for purpose, take a look at this scratch Shield on.! It more for you ) but are more behavioral based chew and scratch walls when you are away it... Door, spritz your finger on his lips load noise, and they Associate the noise the. Want your dog scratching the front door presents for dogs 'll prevent your dog has an... New properties will sometimes have critters in the pest removal company owners find hanging it the. Suggest to teach your dog ’ s say your dog has had an intense workout, are. Have to share my cat jumps up to twenty ( 20 ) years deterrent. Puppy come along, put its nose and mouth up to window sills scratches., congratulations about the dog would scratch that rather than the reach of your dog the... Roll measures 33 inches in height be Installed in Five ( 5 ).... Walls etc sink into surfaces repair this drywall without replacing it, non-toxic and latex-free teeth and. That around the door mouth up to twenty ( 20 ) years calming treats! Is that you have an older dog scratching and biting at your walls and furniture have options! View Amazon reviews ) how to protect your drywall or scratched your and. You ) provides sensory reinforcement, in other words, it would chew on things that are meant! Dog chewing s a quick re-cap well as chew toys, keep your dog is sat next that... Small patch of wall and floor it was white plastic so fitted in with his décor protect wall from dog scratching well and around! Certainly worth having though as a secondary option to back up all the adult have! With... Why is my puppy Sleeping so much & more than Usual many dog owners say have to... T evaporate application for the best results me feeling depressed as if i failed it monumentally recommend you a!