Nolan - 7 Months

On Nolan’s seven month birthday he went to our new pediatrician in Salt Lake City for his six month well check. He weighed in at a surprising 19lbs. 2oz which is in the 75th percentile for weight. I forgot to write down his height but it was also in the 50th to 75th percentile. The doctor said that Nolan looked perfectly healthy and was doing everything that a seven month old should be doing. He turns over to his belly and scoots backward and around in a circle.

Julianne's Seventh Birthday

Julianne’s Seventh birthday occurred the day after we moved into our new house in Salt Lake City so it was a little overshadowed by the two day, twenty hour drive, thirteen hundred mile trip from St. Louis to Salt Lake City and the day of unpacking two pods and two vans and setting up beds and other essential items. I did manage to find and unpack a few party supplies to make her birthday breakfast decorations something other than the stack of Home Depot boxes that lined our dining room. She woke up and we enjoyed a breakfast of fruit, pink milk, mini cinnamon rolls and doughnut holes.

Julianne - Seven Years Old

At seven years old Julianne is doing well in second grade. She is a wonderful reader and easily reads and understands chapter books. Her favorite books are about Tinkerbell, any books about animals, and she loved Anne of Green Gables. She says her favorite subject in school is math and she is enjoying completing subtraction and addition math fact speed drills in which she gets three minutes to complete as many problems as she can. She writes well and her spelling is getting better but she still makes quite a few spelling mistakes and tends to spell phonetically.

Staying in St. Louis

After we packed up our home in Louisville and finally closed on our townhouse, we headed straight to St. Louis, Missouri to spend time with family while we figured out housing arrangements in Salt Lake City. We intended to spend two weeks there, but this, like our time in Louisville, ended up being much longer. Stephen continued to work from “home” (either at my mom’s house or Stephen’s parent’s house) so I occupied the kids either with spending time with family and friends or getting out and doing the many fun summer activities that I fondly remember doing as a kid who grew up in St.

Leaving Louisville

This past summer was marked with transition, good byes, fun “lasts”, and packing up our home of nine years. Since our home in Louisville was the first home we ever owned, the process of selling our townhome was new and unchartered territory for us. I’m still not exactly sure what “normal” is in this process but for us it lasted a lot longer than we imagined. We put our townhome on the market at the beginning of May after a year’s worth of home improvement projects to get it market ready.

Nolan - 6 Months

Nolan turned six months when we were visiting family in St. Louis while we waited to close on our house in Salt Lake City. At six months old Nolan is now sitting up steadily and loves to use his hands to pat, put things in his mouth, and chew on. He likes to lay on his back but quickly turns over to his belly and scoots himself backward or around in a circle. He can roll several times and end up halfway across the room. This month Nolan has shown an increased desire to be around people.

Nolan - 5 months

Nolan's fifth month was overshadowed with packing up and moving out of the house that we have lived in for the past nine years. It was full of saying good-byes, having fun "lasts", and just simply busy. He reacted to all of this with ease and continued to prove that he is one laid back little guy. A couple of weeks before turning five months Nolan got his second bottom tooth and did so with seemingly little discomfort.

Kentucky Derby Museum

In the middle of June we went on a trip to the Kentucky Derby Museum with a few friends. Between the five adults we had nineteen children, so it was a little crazy keeping up with everyone but they all had a good time. We watched a movie about the history of the Kentucky Derby and the screens wrapped around the entire room. It was very captivating. Even Morgan sat quietly (for the most part) to watch it. After that we explored the museum. The kids got to get on a horse statue and pretend to race as they looked at a screen in front of them.

Memorial Weekend

For Memorial weekend Great Grandma Muhleman, Great-Aunt Shelley, and Great-Uncle Steven came to visit. We enjoyed breakfast with them on Saturday morning then the kids played dress up with Great-Aunt Shelley and we got to Facetime cousin Peter. For lunch we headed down to Waterfront Park to play on the playground, eat lunch at Tumbleweed, and then play in the sprayground. That evening Great-Grandma Muhleman, Great-Aunt Shelley, and Great-Uncle Steve babysat the kids so that Stephen and I could go out to celebrate our eleventh anniversary.

Field Day 2014

In May, one of our friends planned a field day for the homeschool group at our church. We went to a park, played on the playground, did some relay games, had lunch, and enjoyed Popsicles. The weather was gorgeous that day and the kids loved getting to play with one another and visit (the moms did too!). Here are some pictures.


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