Christmas 2014

This year was only the second Christmas that we woke up in our own house on Christmas morning. We missed being with family, but had a great time as a family enjoying a slower Christmas morning. We did the devotional "What God Wants for Christmas" which has seven boxes to open and scripture to read about each character in the Christmas narrative. The kids opened their stockings and then we had breakfast (monkey bread, egg casserole, and fruit). We spent the next couple of hours opening gifts and playing with them.

Nolan - 11 Months

Nolan is just a few weeks away from his first birthday. He is much steadier while standing and loves to hold our hands and walk around. He has started pushing objects around and walking behind them. He has also started walking around while holding onto furniture. He is always on the move and prefers to be free rather than held or strapped into his booster seat. He loves to be in the kitchen opening drawers and pulling out anything he can get his hands on. The kitchen is regularly smattered with towels, straws, forks, cups, pans, chip clips, etc.

December Fun

December was filled with all sorts of Christmas activities. The Murray Library had a storytime with Santa Claus and a scavenger hunt. We made Gingerbread houses, went on an elf scavenger hunt, and went Christmas caroling at a nursing home. We drove around looking at Christmas lights and found Christmas Street and the Christmas House which had more lights and decoration than I’ve ever seen on one house. We baked and made candy (fudge, chocolate covered oreos and pretzels). We went to an indoor amusement park where the kids got to ride kiddie rides.

Hogle Zoo - Fall 2014

While Mimi was visiting we went to a free day at the Hogle Zoo. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. The kids loved seeing a polar bear up close, a baby elephant, zebras, lions, giraffes, and wolves. They also had a blast playing on a really tall slide. It was a much smaller zoo than the St. Louis Zoo or the Louisville Zoo, but it was a beautiful place to go with the mountains in the background.

Mimi's Visit - November 2014

Mimi got to come and visit for almost ten days at the end of November and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with her. We went to IKEA for dinner and breakfast, church, Olympic Park near Park City, Ensign mound, the Hogle Zoo, Chick fil A, Iceburg Drive In, Bruges Waffles and Frites, and also enjoyed staying around the house baking cookies, putting up the Christmas tree, watching movies, playing games, and jumping on the new trampoline that Mimi got the kids for Christmas. It went by way too fast and we were sad to see her go, but we have wonderful memories of her first visit to Utah.

Thanksgiving 2014

Nolan got to celebrate his first Thanksgiving and loved eating all the food, but especially the turkey. We spent most of the day with the families in our church putting together boxed lunches, delivering them to people in need, and then had our own Thanksgiving feast later that afternoon. The kids played, the adults talked, ate, watched football, and looked at Black Friday ads. My mom was able to be with us and we all enjoyed getting to spend the day with her too. We are so thankful for God's faithfulness to us in this past year and for His forgivness to us through His Son.

Nolan - 10 Months

This month we have seen such change in our sweet Nolan boy. He is much more interactive and imitates more and more of the things we do and say. He says, “uh-oh”, “bah”(ball), and “ah”(all done). He also raises one hand in the air to imitate the sign for “all done” and has started copying waving and saying what sounds similar to “hi” when someone does that to him. He also grunts, screams, cries, and yells to let us know that his needs are not being met so sometimes it is just guesswork to decide what he wants in that particular moment.

Family Pictures Fall 2014

At the end of October we had family pictures taken. Everyone was surprisingly cooperative. Here are the results.

Halloween 2014

This year the kids got to dress up several times during the week of Halloween. First they dressed up at co-op, then they dressed up for Library storytime, then they dressed up for free IHOP scary face pancakes and trick or treating at the mall, and finally they dressed up on Halloween night to go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Julianne and Lorelei changed costumes every time there was a new place to go. Julianne was an artist, Cinderella, and Laura Ingalls Wilder. Lorelei was Tinkerbell, Snow White, and a ballerina. Morgan dressed up as Elmo and Nolan dressed up as a dragon.

Fall Farm Fun

This fall we went to a couple of farms. The first one was Wheeler Historic Farm. It has a picnic area near an old tree which is perfect for climbling so after lunch the kids had a great time climbing this old tree. They could have probably spent the rest of the day there, but we decided to go and look at the animals too. There are pigs, cows, turkeys, chickens, ducks, goats, horses, and rabbits. The kids especially enjoyed petting and feeding the horses. The next farm we went to was Peterson Family Farm. The kids loved the corn crib where they could play in dried corn kernels.


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