Papa and Gigi's Visit - April 2015

We had a wonderful visit with Stephen's parents(Papa and Gigi) at the end of April. They got to go to a couple of the kid's soccer games and were instrumental in staying at Julianne's games and transporting her to Morgan and Lorelei's games which Stephen coached at.

Morgan's Third Birthday Party

We celebrated Morgan's birthday a couple of days after his actual birthday at a park with some friends. We had pizza, apples, goldfish, and cupcakes. After lunch the kids all played on the playground. Morgan had a wonderful time with all of his friends!

Morgan's Birthday

Morgan's birthday actually fell on Easter this year, so when he woke up (a little later than normal) he had resurrection rolls, strawberries, a hard boiled Easter egg, and orange juice for breakfast. He had part of a doughnut at church and played with all of his friends in the nursery during our church service. Dr. Seth even gave him a special sticker that said "It's my birthday". After the church service all of the kids took part in an Easter Egg hunt.

Nolan - 14 Months

Nolan started walking fully a few days after he turned 14 months. It was like he finally decided to give walking a try and just did it all of a sudden. He seems a lot happier being able to move around like everyone else and has picked up speed in no time. He has learned to stand up without pulling up on anything, which makes walking much easier. He still falls down quite a bit, but is able to stand himself back up pretty quickly and keep moving. He has also begun climbing onto anything his short little legs can get himself onto.

Nolan - 13 months

Nolan is a sweet but busy 13 month old. He is walking more and more each day. When he wants to get somewhere he usually tries walking there before crawling. He is able to take 15-20 steps and can walk across an entire room with his wobbly gait. Much of the time he takes 5-10 steps and then gets unbalanced so he falls on his diaper padded rear end and then crawls off as fast as he can toward whatever he was after. Up until a week ago, Nolan has been terrified of crawling down stairs.

Valentine's Day 2015

On Valentine's Day we had nutella and strawberry crepes for breakfast, the enjoyed the beautiful weather to play outside and do yardwork. I made a special dinner of fettuchini alfredo, asparagus, grilled chicken, sparkling apple cider, cheesecake, and chocolate covered strawberries and we ate by candlelight. We all dressed up and enjoyed our evening together and then opened Valentine's from each other and from family who had mailed things to us.

100th Day of School 2015

We celebrated our 100th day of school at the beginning of February. We had a celebration at our homeschool co-op and had a great time. We made a 100th day snack mix (each kid brought pieces of their favorite dry snack then we mixed them all together). We made necklaces out of 100 Froot Loops and 100th day crowns. The kids got to guess which bag had 100 goldfish, built with 100 legoes, read 100 day of school books, do 100 exercises, and then predict and see how many exercises they could do in 100 seconds.

Nolan - 12 Months

At one year old Nolan is a busy boy. He is not walking yet, although has tried a couple of steps, but prefers to crawl so he can get places as quickly. He stands steadily for awhile after he pulls up while holding onto something. We've tried to entice him to walk by having him walk toward us but he thinks it's a silly game and lunges toward us, laughs, and moves his feet as quickly as he can which results in very unsteady stumbling rather than actual walking. He crawls well up stairs, but has fallen down stairs enough to know not to try going down on his own.

Nolan's First Birthday

Our sweet Nolan is one year old. We had a birthday brunch for him with some families from our church and a couple friends. The party was mustache themed and we had yummy breakfast foods (yogurt parfaits, egg and sausage casserole, cinnamon rolls, and fruit). Nolan loved all of this especially the blueberries, yogurt, and breakfast casserole. He enjoyed crawling around eating dropped food on the floor and playing with spoons. He and his friend, Judson, took turns stealing each other's spoons.

Lorelei's Fifth Birthday

Lorelei turned five years old on December 28, 2014. We started the day off with a breakfast of doughnuts, oranges, and apple juice (her request). Since she still loves Frozen so much, the whole day was Frozen themed. Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff (dolls) had breakfast with us. After breakfast she got dressed in her Frozen shirt from Mimi and requested two braids like Anna. We went to church and she spent the morning learning and playing with her friends. She had pizza and salad for lunch then we all sang happy birthday to her and she enjoyed her Frozen cake and ice cream.


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