Baby Dedication

This past Sunday was Parent/Child dedication at our church, Highview Baptist Church. We were so excited that Grandpa Mobley, Grandma Mobley, Uncle Jason, and Aunt Laura got to be with us during this special time. It was quite a coordination fiasco since Stephen and I sang in the service with the choir and praise team. Thankfully, a very nice lady from the nursery brought Julianne into the service for us so that all we had to do was claim her and walk up on the stage with her. Julianne did really well and slept the entire time the pastor spoke to and prayed with us.

Julianne - First Thanksgiving

Julianne is about three and a half months old and is getting more fun each day. She is still sleeping really well and is consistently taking one long nap a day. She is making many more cooing noises and squeals with joy when she is really happy. Although she is generally very happy, she can stick out that lower lip like an expert when things upset her. Julianne experienced her first Thanksgiving last week. We went to St. Louis and had a blast with family and friends. My aunt and uncle held Thanksgiving dinner at their home and both my parents and Stephen's parents were able to come.

Julianne - three months

It is hard to believe it but Julianne is a whole three months today. Time has flown by and I am having a great time being the mommy of this sweet little girl. Julianne has changed so much in the past month. She continues to sleep 9-10 hours at night and has begun taking an afternoon nap that usually is about 2 hours long. She is an excellent sleeper! Her smiles are more frequent now and she is especially happy in the morning and right after nap time. I think she's just happy to see us because we let her loose from her baby bondage (a.k.a. the swaddle blanket).

Trip to the Louisville Zoo with Annabelle, Sarah, Barb, and Mommy

A couple of weeks ago Julianne experienced her first trip to the Louisville Zoo. We went with Annabelle, Sarah, and Barb and had a wonderful time, although it was a little chilly. Annabelle, Sarah, Barb and I saw many animals and Julianne saw the inside of her eyelids. She slept the entire time! We'll have to go back when she's feeling a little more awake. We actually saw something we had never seen at the zoo. We were walking into the Wallaroo Walkabout and saw this elementary aged kiddo picking up a Wallaby, which is kind of like a little kangaroo.

Trip to St. Louis

Julianne has been quite the little traveler the last couple of weeks. We have made two trips to St. Louis to visit Grandmas and Grandpas there. Julianne had a wonderful time being entertained by many family members and friends while she was there. Here are some pictures of the trips!

I'm already a sports fan like Grandpa Bryant

Having fun with Patrice, Lindsay, and Gus(Julianne's furry friend)

Sitting up with some help

Julianne - two months

Julianne is now two and a half months old - that's incredible! We have been amazed how quickly this time has passed already. Julianne is smiling so much of the time, grasping onto things (including mommy's hair), and sleeping through the night like a bedtime champ. These last few weeks have been so joyful watching her grow and change. Julianne has learned to control her head (most of the time), make eye contact when we say her name, and stand up with help from mom and dad. This month Jewels got to experience her first shots - she handled them like a pro.

Julianne - week 8 (smiles)

Julianne is almost two months old. It is so hard to believe that this much time has passed since she was born. She just gets more sweet and fun to be with every day! Julianne is smiling more and more as you can see in some of the pictures. She is especially happy in the morning right after she wakes up and gives lots of smiles then. She also has some very sad faces as you can see in some of the other pictures. She enjoys looking at things that are above her and is having a wonderful time playing on an activity mat and bouncy seat that her gal pal Annabelle is letting her use.

Julianne - week 6-7

These last two weeks we've celebrated great milestones together as a family. Julianne has been sleeping really well through the night, normally going about 6-7 hours. In fact, last night Julianne went 8 hours without waking. We are so thankful for her ability to sleep well, and pray it continues. Allison and I feel rested and refreshed. Last Sunday was Julianne's first experience in the church nursery. We took her to ABF with us, but since both Allison and I sang during the service, it necessitated the trip to the nursery.

Julianne - week 5

Julianne's fifth week of life was filled with lots of fun. She got to hang out with her gal pal, Annabelle, meet Claire, a long time friend from St. Louis, and got to go to her first birthday party. All of this really tired her out so she had a good nap with daddy at the end of it all.

Annabelle pushing Julianne in the swing

Meeting Claire for the first time

Enjoying time with Claire

No more pictures mom!

Julianne's first trip to STL

Several weeks ago we journeyed to St. Louis, Missouri for a family memorial service. Julianne got to meet many family members from far away (California, Oregon, Nebraska) and some others from the St. Louis area. We were so amazed at how well she did, both while we were traveling and while we were staying with Allison's parents. Here are some of the pictures from our trip.




Four generations - Norma, Barry, Allison, & Julianne


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