Julianne - 8 months

Julianne celebrated her eight month birthday by going to her pediatrician this morning. The visit was to check her ears as a follow up for the ear infection she still had last month which actually started the month before. The doctor concluded that she has another double ear infection and put her on another, still stronger antibiotic. Poor little girl has her mommy and daddy to thank for troublesome ears. Anyway, she seems relatively unaware that she has an infection and continues to be her happy and very busy little self.

Trip to Huber's Farm and other random pictures

Julianne is 7.5 months old and is fully mobile now. She can pretty much get to wherever she wants to go. Exciting for her and scary for her parents!

First Easter

We were blessed to have my mom (aka Grandma Bryant) come visit us at the end of last week through Easter. We had a wonderful time with her and got to relax and do lots of fun stuff while she was here. On Thursday my aunt and cousin came from Indianapolis and we had a yummy lunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe and then shopped for fabric at Baer Fabric. Both are wonderful places!

Julianne - 7 months

Julianne is seven months old today. It is so hard to believe that time has passed this quickly. She is developing and changing every day. We went to her pediatrician this morning for a check up after her double ear infection several weeks ago. She weighed 15 pounds 10 ounces. I think the solid foods are helping her gain some weight. It must be wonderful to be praised for gaining weight. I wish it stayed this way even into adulthood! Anyway, Julianne's pediatrician found that she still has the double ear infection so she was put on another, stronger round of antibiotics. Yuck!

Julianne - 6 months

It is hard to believe that Julianne is half of a year old. I'm sure the next six months will go by just as quickly as the last six months have. Julianne is changing every day it seems. She is quite a pro at eating her rice cereal and is very much looking forward to trying other solids. She loves drinking water from a cup when mom and dad will let her. She now grabs for everything in reach and tries to get to things that are out of reach too. She enjoys tummy time and can push up her torso and can get her hips off the ground, but can't seem to do these two actions simultaneously.

First Snow

Julianne had her first real snow on Monday night through Tuesday morning. It snowed 3-4 inches, sleeted on top of that, and then rained on top of that. It was really pretty while is was snowing but was kind of slushy on Tuesday when it rained. Finally the rain let up and it snowed a bit more today, so we ventured out in the snow for Julianne's first experience with the cold white stuff. She didn't really seem bothered by the cold and enjoyed watching Abby frolic in the snow. Here is a picture of our snow bunny!

First teeth

After much drooling and chomping on everything she could fit in her mouth Julianne has sprouted her first two teeth (the front bottom teeth to be exact). Other than the excessive drooling she didn't really show any other signs of teething. She woke up a couple of times during the night which is not normal for her, but she just fussed for a little bit and then went back to sleep. I don't even know if this was related to teething. Anyway, yesterday after her nap she was gnawing on my finger and I noticed something sharp.

Julianne - 5 months

The last month has been filled with many joys and also much sadness. On January 4 my dad (Julianne’s Grandpa Bryant) passed away after a two and a half month battle with lung cancer. The suddenness of his death came as a shock to us, but we are comforted with the realization that he is now experiencing the presence and the glory of his Lord and Savior. Grandpa Bryant adored Julianne and we will make sure that she knows this as she gets a little older.

First Christmas

We had a wonderful first Christmas with our sweet little girl. We traveled to St. Louis the weekend before Christmas and got to see many of our friends. We even got to see some foreign friends, Frauke and her mom. Stephen and I picked up my brother, Andy, from the airport on Sunday night. It was the first time Julianne got to meet her uncle, the chef from San Francisco. Julianne had a wonderful time spending time with him during the week we were there!

Julianne - 4 months

It is hard to believe that Julianne is now four months old. Stephen and I took her today for her four month check up and she received three shots and an oral vaccination. Although she definitely was not thrilled about getting poked, she did quite well. She gave me the saddest look when I held her arms while the nurse gave her the shots. It was almost a look of betrayal. I think I felt worse about the whole experience than she did. Julianne now weighs 11 lbs. 13 oz and is 23.5 in. tall.


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