Visit with Family

This past weekend my aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandma came to visit us. We showed them around the seminary, had a meal at Mark's Feed Store, took them to church with us on Sunday, and then went to Huber's Farm. In between all of the activities and eating we just hung out at our place. Julianne loved getting to play with her great-aunt, great-uncle, first cousin once removed (don't ask how we figured this one out), and her great-grandma. She now had four more people to entertain and she lived up to this task.

Julianne - 10 months

Time flies when you're having fun and we are definitely having fun keeping up with our sweet girl. She continues to gain speed and is into completely everything!

Water Fun

Julianne has always enjoyed bathtime, but especially loves it now that she can move about as she pleases. She crawls around, stands up, splashes, and chews on her favorite crab toy. In the last week she has also gotten to experience two more water opportunities. Last week Julianne and I went to the Louisville Zoo's Splash Park with a friend of ours. We had fun looking at all the animals, but it was really, really hot, so after walking around the zoo a bit we stopped at the Splash Park. Julianne had a blast!

Two New Teeth

Well, on Tuesday I discovered two new little teeth in our little girl's mouth. You would think they would be the top middle teeth, but they're actually the two pointy teeth (I believe they're called incisors). She may look like a little vampire when they come in, but at least she'll be a sweet vampire! The teeth are too small to take a good picture of, so you'll just have to trust me that they're there.

Trip to Colorado

Julianne had a very exciting Memorial Day weekend. On Wednesday night we packed up and drove to St. Louis in order to drop off Abby at my mom's house and to get a little sleep before heading to the airport Thursday morning. Julianne had her first experience flying on a plane and did very well. She enjoyed looking around and talking to anyone who would pay attention to her (many people did because she can be quite loud at times). She also napped quite a bit on the ride. We landed in Denver, Colorado where Stephen's dad's family lives.

Five Years... and Counting

Today we celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. These first five years have been wonderful and amazing. Our love has blossomed and grown deeper with each passing year. Since the high school sweetheart days, God was weaving our lives together in preparation for the day we wed. I am so grateful we have had so many incredible years of love and friendship as we have grown to love one another more.


Julianne - 9 months

Our sweet Julianne is now 9 months old. She celebrated this event with a fun filled day with her "Aunt" Claire. Claire and several friends came to Louisville for a girls weekend before she leaves for New Zealand. We went to Lynn's Paradise Cafe for lunch and I had my usual Fried Green Tomato BLT (very yummy!). After stuffing ourselves with good food we went down to the waterfront and rented what looked like the Flinstone's car, except with bicycle pedals. It was a lot of fun!

Aunt Laura's Graduation and Mother's Day

This past weekend we went to Indianapolis to attend Julianne's Aunt Laura's graduation. Aunt Laura is now Dr. Aunt Laura. Yea!

Finger Food Fun

Julianne is a little over eight and a half months old and continues to get into just about everything. She likes to be in the same room as me so often times when I am in the kitchen I'll open up the "plastic-ware" cabinet so she can rummage through it. She loves getting everything out, banging the lids together, and carrying around the Tupperware containers. What fun!

Two Trips to the Park - Cold vs. Warm

Within three days we took two trips to E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park. On Sunday we went with our Adult Bible Fellowship class after church for our second annual picnic. We had a lot of fun, but it was much colder than we (or the weather man) anticipated. The forecast was low 70s and partly sunny. Well, it was not sunny at all and was probably about 50 degrees with a chilly wind. Needless to say we didn't stay that long, but while we were there we had a wonderful time of fellowship with our friends in the class. The second trip to the park occurred two days later on Tuesday.


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