Bryant Family Pictures - Summer 2015

Two months ago when we were in St. Louis we got to take pictures with the Bryant side of the family. It was a rainy day, but thankfully there were a few breaks in the rain to get some good pictures.

Mobley Family Pictures - Summer 2015

About two months ago while we were in St. Louis we had the opportunity to take some pictures with the Mobley side of the family. The kids were not particularly cooperative, it was very hot and humid (which we westerners are not used to), but somehow we managed to get some good pictures.

Baby Mobley #5

About two months ago we found out that we are expecting Baby Mobley #5 and last week we had the opportunity to go to the doctor and get to see this little one on an ultrasound. His or her heartbeat was around 150 beats/minute which is completely normal and we even got to see this little one move around for us. The baby had his/her hand up like he/she was waving at us. We are so thankful that God has given us another precious blessing to love and to train up to love Jesus. The girls are thrilled to have a new little brother/sister.

Nolan - 17 & 18 Months

The past two months have been filled with lots of summer activities and have gone by so quickly. Nolan has doing so much more talking and is a very friendly boy. He loves people and enjoys making them laugh. When others laugh he wants to be part of it too and laughs along with everyone else. Some of his words are: “wah-duh”(water), “ah” (on, off), “buh”(please), “mah”(mine), “dah-dah”(dog), “bah-bah”(ball), “nuh”(no), “La-la”(Lorelei), “zah”(shoe), “nah-nah”(nap, night), “buh”(bug), “duh”(stuck), and “ah-dah”(all done).

Cow Appreciation Day 2015

This year for Cow Appreciation Day we happened to be in St. Louis visiting family, so we put on our costumes that we had packed and headed to a local Chick Fil A. Great Uncle Steve, Great Aunt Shelley, Great Grandma Muhleman, and Mimi joined us. We enjoyed yummy food and had a good time channeling our inner cow!

Northrip Family Reunion - Summer 2015

During our trip to St. Louis we spent a weekend at Trout Lodge, which is a couple hours south of St. Louis in Potosi, Missouri, for a family reunion with my Mom’s side of the family. We enjoyed wonderful food, time to visit with many family members (there were over 30 of us), fishing, horseback riding, riflery, archery, mini-golf, swimming, boating, campfires, crafts, and a little bit of sleep in between activities. It was a lot of fun!

Trip to St. Louis, Missouri - Summer 2015

We made our first trek back to St. Louis, Missouri since we moved to Utah. It was a long drive (19 hours driving, 26 hours travel with stops) but it was totally worth it to get to see our family and friends in Missouri. We spent the first part of our trip with Papa and Gigi (Stephen’s parents) and enjoyed time with both of Stephen’s brother’s families. The kids loved getting to see their cousins, Ethan and Noelle.

Murray Soccer - Spring 2015

This spring was Julianne, Lorelei, and Morgan’s first experience with a team sport and we tried soccer first. Julianne and Lorelei were a little nervous and cautious at first but both of them improved so much in the month and a half season. Julianne at first had trouble being distracted and keeping her eye on the ball, but by the end she was more aggressive and had several really good plays as a midfielder.

Mobley Homeschool Academy - 2014-2015 School Year

Another school year has come to a close for the Mobley Homeschool Academy. Julianne has finished second grade and Lorelei has finished Pre-Kindergarten. They both have worked very hard to learn the things they have learned this year and we are thankful for the ways that God is teaching them about Himself. On our days that were fully devoted to being home (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Friday mornings) our schedule looked like this:
8:15-8:45 - Breakfast
8:45-9:15 – Morning chores

Nolan - 15 & 16 Months

These past two months have flown by, which is why I am just now sitting down to write about Nolan’s latest developments. Nolan is talking more and more every day. One of his sweetest words (in my opinion) that he started saying at 15 months is “mama”. He also says “dada”(daddy)“duh-duh” (Ju-Ju), “La-la”(Lorelei), “bah-bah” (ball-ball), “buh”(cup and please and bird), “wa-wa”(water), “muh”(more), “dah-dah” (dog-dog), “uh-oh”, “uh-uh” (airplane), “duh” (jump), “tih-tih” (cracker), “ub” (up), and “puh-puh”(purple). Purple is obviously one that he is just imitating when we say it.


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