Julianne - 13 months

Currently we are still without power after Hurricane Ike pummeled the Ohio Valley (oddly enough). Really we had some serious wind damage this past Sunday which caused much of the Louisville area, including us, to lose power for more than three days. They predict having power back to everyone within 10 to 14 days. Yea!

Our Little Climber

Julianne loves to climb!

Happy Labor Day!

Today Chick-Fil-A was giving away free chicken strips to each customer who was wearing professional or collegiate football attire. So, being the avid football fans that we are (ok, not really), we put on some of my dad's old Packer's shirts and headed to Chick-Fil-A. Even Julianne got to wear a shirt, which ended up being a huge dress on her. She was a very cute Packer's fan though. My dad would have been so proud to have us supporting the Green Bay Packers. He was a huge fan when he was alive. On the way to lunch, Julianne decided that she wanted to put on her sunglasses.

12.5 months

The past two weeks with our one year old have been so much fun. She is definitely developing a will of her own and although it can try my patience sometimes, it is fun to see her develop her own tastes and become more independent. Julianne continues to pick up speed while walking and sometimes gets going so fast that she almost runs, although it usually ends in a crash landing. She continually has scratches on her legs and marks on her head from falling, but that's just part of toddlerhood. Since she started walking we spend a good portion of the day playing outside.

Julianne - 12 months

Happy Birthday Julianne!

St. Louis Zoo

We also had the opportunity to visit the St. Louis Zoo with my Uncle John and cousins, Vivianna and Ingamarie. Julianne loved riding the carousel. She actually rode it six times (it was free before 9 a.m.). She, along with Vivianna and Ingamarie, played in the Children's Zoo and then we all got to ride the train. It was fun seeing all of the animals!


While we were in St. Louis Julianne got to go to the pool. It was her first experience in the big pool and she loved it. She enjoyed wading in the shallow end with Grandma Bryant and Great-Grandma Muhleman and even swam in the deep end with mommy's help. She was not afraid to stick her face in the water and at one point I even caught her drinking the pool water. Here are some pictures.

I need a rest!

Trip to St. Louis

This past week Julianne and I had the opportunity to visit family and friends in St. Louis. We spent some good time with Grandma Bryant, Grandma and Grandpa Mobley, Great-Grandma Muhleman, Great Aunt Shelley, and Great Uncle Steve. We also got to hang out with my friend, Claire, and her family. Claire will be going to New Zealand in a month or so on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, so we enjoyed getting to see her so much. Claire and I also had the privilege of singing at Chatham Bible Church during our time there.

Julianne - 11 months

Well our baby is now 11 months old. I'm sure this coming month will fly by (as the last 11 have) and soon enough she'll be a year old. I never thought having an older baby would be as fun as it actually has. When Julianne was younger I always thought I wanted her to stay that young, but I feel like each stage she passes though gets more fun (and challenging at times).

Sweet Flower Girl

We are finally getting back on a schedule and feeling rested from our trip this past weekend. Last week my mom came to Louisville and spent part of the week with us. We had a blast hanging out with her. She drove Julianne and I back with her to St. Louis on Thursday. On Friday morning Julianne and I, along with Julianne's Grandma and Grandpa Mobley and Grandma Bryant, flew to Oklahoma City where we quickly rented a car and drove to Enid, Oklahoma where Julianne and I attended a wedding rehearsal. Julianne was the flower girl and I sang in the wedding.


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