Julianne - 18 months

Yesterday Julianne turned a year and a half. In the past couple of weeks toddlerhood has really set in for our girl. She still is sweet, loving, and funny in so many ways, but she has developed a difficult streak too. She gets so frustrated at the littlest things and still doesn't have the vocabulary to tell us what is wrong, so she has started hitting. Most of the time she hits her toys, but once in a while she'll hit us or Abby. Needless to say, timeouts have become frequent.

Funny Story

Last night Julianne was taking her bath and had two of her plastic babies in the tub with her. She is still quite the little mommy and even bathes her babies. Bath time went smoothly until it was time to dry everyone off (including the babies). I noticed that one of the babies had acquired some water inside of it, so seeing that I could slightly loosen one of the legs to drain the water, I did so, but not carefully enough. As I was loosening the leg I loosened it too much and the leg came off of the baby.

Snow, Ice, & Power

We finally have power back after five days of living without it. On Tuesday it snowed several inches and then iced .5 - 1 inch. Tuesday evening we were watching the news remarking how glad we were to still have power after learning that many did not, when we heard a pop and all went dark. All through the night we heard the cracking of branches that were breaking under the weight of all the ice, one of which broke our car's back windshield. When we got up the next morning it was pretty cold in our townhouse, so we made plans to spend the day at a friend's house.

Zoo Fun and Playing Dress Up

This past Saturday we celebrated the end of Stephen's break from school by going to the zoo and out to dinner. It was great to spend time as a family and we know these times will become fewer as the semester begins this week. It was quite cold on Saturday, but we bundled up and practically enjoyed the zoo all by ourselves.

Julianne - 17 months

Yesterday Julianne turned 17 months. The past couple of weeks we haven't done anything overly exciting; we've just been getting back into a routine after Christmas. Julianne went to the pediatrician a week and a half ago to re-check her ears and, yes, she still has an ear infection. The pediatrician was ready to send us to an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor for tubes, but we decided to take a month or so and try some natural remedies recommended to us. I'm not usually into "natural" stuff, but I want to give it a try before we consider tubes.

Christmas 2008

We are finally home in Louisville after almost two weeks of traveling. Julianne and I flew to St. Louis the weekend before Christmas then Stephen joined us on Christmas Eve. The weekend after Christmas we went to Springfield, MO to my Great-Grandma's 100th Birthday party. The last leg of our adventure occurred last night when we drove to Indianapolis to celebrate Christmas with Julianne's Uncle Jason and Aunt Laura. We had a wonderful time with all of our family and friends that we spent time with.

Julianne - 16 months

Julianne turned 16 months yesterday and celebrated the occasion a day early by going to the doctor. She still has an ear infection, so we are on to another antibiotic. Fortunately, the child likes most medicine.

Thanksgiving 2008

We had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving here at home in Louisville. Stephen's parents and brother were able to join us and we enjoyed getting to spend time with them. I actually cooked my very first turkey and although it took a bit longer to cook than I planned for, it turned out well. Thanksgiving day was spent preparing for the meal, watching football, sleeping, playing with Julianne, and eating (of course). On Friday we did some shopping and then took some lunch to Stephen because he was working. We came back home and set up the Christmas tree while Julianne napped.

First Sleepover - Sort Of

On Friday night some friends of ours went on a date so we had the pleasure of watching their very sweet little girl, Nella. The evening was kind of ordinary with dinner, bath, and bedtime, but both girls seemed to have a good time. Poor Nella was not quite used to Julianne's loud and rambunctious personality, so when Julianne started yelling and splashing at bathtime Nella was not too happy. Overall, we had a great evening!


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