Julianne - 21 months

Julianne is now twenty-one months and continues to love to talk. She loves talking so much that she often does so for up to an hour and a half before going to sleep for naps and bedtime. To put it lightly, sleep has become a battle and I seem to be losing. So often she seems tired when put in her crib, but she wakes herself up by talking, banging on the wall, and rattling her crib around. Once she goes to sleep she sleeps soundly, but is only sleeping 9-10 hours at night. Her nap has also shortened to 1-1.5 hours. I think I struggle most with this because I love sleep so much.


In the past several weeks Julianne has started expressing her love in words. Her new favorite phrase to repeat over and over again is "I luh (love) _______". Insert a name in the blank.

Derby Time

Tomorrow is the actual Kentucky Derby, but Louisville celebrates the two weeks leading up to Derby with many activities. Yesterday we got to go to the Pegasus Parade with some friends of ours and it was so much fun. Although the floats and bands were entertaining the crowd held Julianne's interest more than anything. She had her first taste of cotton candy and her favorite part of the parade were all of the "neigh"'s (horses).

Julianne - 20 months

Julianne is 20 months today and is creeping closer and closer to The Terrible Twos, although I think she is experiencing some of it already. She is such a sweet girl and is very well behaved most of the time, but she has her own ideas of how things should work and what things are hers and if everyone's opinions don't match hers it can get kind of ugly. She can get so frustrated and would not dare accept help from a willing mommy or daddy. I guess it is her independent gene showing through (I hate to admit that she probably got this from me).


We hope that everyone had a joyous Easter celebrating the resurrection of our Savior. We began our Easter by meeting with our ABF class at church and then we had an amazing time of worship. I am so thankful for and so undeserving of Christ's death and resurrection. As we were teaching Julianne why we celebrate Easter, she started saying "Jees Alie" (Jesus Alive). Her language development has really taken off the last several weeks and she is now starting to use several words together and even sentences.


Last week Julianne, Shiloh, and I took a trip to the zoo with some friends of ours. We had a really good time with all five children (four of which were under the age of two). About halfway through the zoo I found myself telling Julianne for what seemed like the hundredth time to sit down in the stroller (yes, I know she should have been buckled in, but when she's continually getting in and out to see animals, I gave up buckling her in). To make a long story short, Julianne fell out of the stroller backwards and hit the back of her head on the concrete walkway.

Fun with Mimi

This past week we enjoyed a visit from Julianne’s Mimi (Grandma Bryant). Julianne was thrilled to not only see Mimi, but also loved having Mimi’s dog “Jack-Jack”(Jackson). The week was filled with trips to the park, playing outside, eating at several yummy restaurants, and shopping. On Monday my aunt and cousin came down from Indiana and we took a picnic lunch of Chick-fil-a to Tom Sawyer State Park. My aunt and cousin also brought Julianne her very first big girl bike, which is a bit to big for her right now, but that has not stopped her from playing with it.

Julianne - 19 months

Julianne is now 19 months and is a little ball of energy. She has loved the warmer weather we've been having and enjoys getting to play with the neighborhood kids. "Mia," "Hay-Hay"(Haylee), and "J.T" are among these sweet kids. She loves taking her babies on walks, going down the slide and saying "whee," riding on her little car, throwing the "oo-ball"(football), and finding a myriad of toys (sidewalk chalk, superhero figurines, skateboards, water guns, etc.) left around by the older kids. We are very thankful for our neighborhood and the sweet families we have gotten to know.

Fashionable Girl

In the past couple of months Julianne has developed her own sense of fashion and style. She absolutely loves shoes and bows. The latter of which is kind of ironic since she has very little hair (although it is growing). I began sticking bows in her hair to make her gender a bit more apparent. You have no idea how many times I've heard "What a cute little guy" or "He is so adorable" when she is obviously dressed in pink clothing.

First Sucker

Yesterday Julianne went for her 18 month appointment. Everything looked good except for her ears. Both ears still are infected, so we're trying to decide if she needs tubes or not. Because she has constant fluid on her ears I am somewhat concerned about her language development. She has quite a vocabulary, but still does not make some sounds and tends to drop sounds in almost every word she says. So, in other words, we can understand her, but many others can't. At some point in our conversation I told the doctor that she doesn't really say the "p" sound.


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