Chip and Claire's Wedding Week

It has been too long since I posted any pictures, so I apologize. We've still been having some computer/internet issues and I've been kind of tired as I wrap up this pregnancy. The first full week of December Julianne and I drove to St. Louis for my friend, Claire's, wedding. Stephen flew to St. Louis in Friday evening. We actually spent a week there before the wedding and had a great time helping with a wedding shower, assisting with last minute wedding preparations, hanging out with family and friends, and then attending and taking part in the wedding ceremony.

Thanksgiving 2009

We were able to see several friends and family members on Thanksgiving and on the days surrounding Thanksgiving. On Tuesday evening our good friends, Lee and Charity (used to live in Louisville, but now live in South Carolina), came in for a quick visit. We enjoyed some good food, great conversation, and some wonderful hang out time with them. Julianne loved having them in and spent the entire time showing off for them. On Thursday we drove to Indianapolis, IN for the day to celebrate Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle's house.

Fall Fun

We've been learning about fall during our school time during the past several weeks. We've gone on a leaf walk, raked leaves, made a leaf girl (based on the book Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert), tasted different colors of apples, painted with apples, and made a yummy Dutch Apple Pie. It has been such a joy to see Julianne learn different concepts and skills. Some of these new skills include naming most shapes and colors, counting from 1 to 13, matching colors, completing puzzles, naming letters and even some letter sounds, and learning some calendar concepts(month and day of week).


Julianne got to dress up several times in her costumes. First, we went to the Louisville Zoo's Halloween Party. A few weeks later we went to our church's fall festival. Julianne enjoyed playing games, jumping in the bouncies, going on a hayride, and eating a snow cone. Last weekend Julianne and I went to St. Louis and on Friday night we went to the St. Louis Zoo for Boo at the Zoo. Julianne ran around the entire evening while we followed her. She dressed up as a bumblebee for these first three events.

"I Learnin"

I came into Julianne's room one day and she had one of our school poems out and was pointing to the words. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "I learnin." She definitely is learning a lot. She is interested in what words say and constantly asks "What that say?" She continues to love books and although sometimes silence means trouble, she can often be found in her room completely quiet for indefinite amounts of time "readin" her books. Here are some pictures of our "learnin" girl.

The First Half of October

I cannot believe that we are already into mid-October. I have been quite delinquent in making regular posts the past couple of months, mainly due to the photo program on our computer not being very compliant and also due to the fact that pregnancy the second time around (especially with a two year old) is exhausting.

Memory Verse #2 - Deuteronomy 33:3

"He loved the people."

Trip to Huber's Farm and IKEA

This weekend we enjoyed a visit from my mom (aka Julianne's Mimi). On Friday we went to Huber's Farm and picked pumpkins and apples. Picking pumpkins was a little muddy due to rain all night and morning, but neither Julianne or Shiloh seemed bothered by getting a little muddy. Both girls loved picking apples and helped so much that we ended up buying 13.5 lbs of apples. Julianne just wanted to eat the apples right off the tree so it was hard convincing her that we needed to buy it first, wash it, and then she could devour it.

Playing Outside

The weather has been beautiful here in Kentucky so we've been spending a lot of time outside. In the past two days we've taken a trip to a nearby playground and to the zoo. Both outings were done with Julianne's friend, Shiloh. It's so fun to watch the girls mature and develop together. Although they have squabbles over toys, they love to play with (or at least play in the same proximity as) each other. They are both very concerned about what the other one is doing and their new favorite game is Ring Around the Rosie.


I have sensed that Julianne would benefit from more structure in her day, so we have begun "school" two days a week. We just finished our fourth week of school and the past four weeks Julianne has been learning that God created everything. Her memory verse for Honeybees (the two year old program for AWANA) has been Genesis 1:1. The shortened version that she has learned is "God created the heavens and the earth." You can hear her say this verse in a previous post. We based two themes off of this verse: The Sky and The Ocean.


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