Nolan - 21, 22, and 23 Months

Nolan is a few weeks away from his second birthday and has changed so much over the past few months. He is speaking much more and is regularly putting words together to form more complete thoughts. He says, “Nah-nah daddy”(thank you daddy), “bees top” (please stop), “nah mah wah-dow” (no more water), “doos ah” (shoes on), “nah mommy” (no mommy), “neh mommy” (yes mommy) “ow buh hud” (ow bump head), “bay bahks”(play blocks), “dee you” (see you), “ree boot” (read book), and he will repeat anything we tell him to say.

Mimi's Visit - November 2015

We had a wonderful visit with Mimi when she came to see us around Thanksgiving. She went to church with us a couple of times, we baked lots of cookies, ate at Mimi’s Café, went to Discovery Gateway, ate at Bruges Waffles and Frites, ate at Pizza Limone, played games, made some crafts, and celebrated Christmas by opening gifts from one another. On Thanksgiving Day, we delivered meals to needy families across the city then we had a meal as a church back at one of our Pastor’s homes. We had a great time making memories with Mimi!

Halloween 2015

The Monday before Halloween our homeschool co-op had a Halloween Party. We had some special snacks, decorated mini pumpkins, did a couple of games, made necklaces, and the kids got to dress up. The night before Halloween our church hosted a Fall Jamboree at Wheeler Farm, so while Stephen and I were doing face painting and other jobs, the kids got to go on a couple of bouncies, play on the playground, get their faces painted, and enjoy hot chocolate, Chick Fil A, snow cones, and candy.

Fall Farm Field Trips 2015

We went to three different farms this fall. First, our entire homeschool co-op which consists of around 30 children and 8 adults, went to Black Island Farm which is located an hour north of Salt Lake City. They took us on a wagon ride, explaining what crops they grow and even let the kids taste some of the produce. The tractor took us to a field of pumpkins and everyone got to pick out a pie pumpkin to take home. After the wagon ride the kids got to play in a huge field of slides, swings, hay pyramids, a cow train, bouncies, and even got to see some farm animals.

Cross Country 2015

This September and October Julianne ran with the Murray Cross Country team. She was not used to running the distances they ran, but stepped up and did a great job. She had a great attitude and although she was mainly in it for making more friends, she did her best and ran some great races. She participated in three cross country meets and ran a 2K each time. Her finishing times were anywhere from 14-16 minutes. She had a great experience and wants to run again next year.

Fall Fun 2015

This fall we did many fun things. We went to Cornbelly’s again this year with our friends the Monges and had a great time bouncing on the giant air pillow, going down a two story slide, riding on a cow train, watching a dog show, finding our way through a corn maze, and eating some yummy food. We went apple picking and made apple butter from these apples. We went to many parks, enjoying the last of the warm weather, and took a drive on the Alpine Loop, stopping at Cascade Falls (a natural spring).

Eight year old Julianne

Utah State Fair 2015

We went to the Utah State Fair this year with our friends the Rodriquez’s and our friend Brigette. We saw many animals (the kids thought the sheep were hilarious), viewed many homemade projects by other kids and adults, participated in a kid’s tractor pull, ate some yummy doughnuts, and wandered by many booths. It was a fun time!

Fall Soccer 2015

Lorelei played soccer this fall on the Chicago Fire team coached by her daddy. She showed so much improvement from last season and was one of the more aggressive players on her team. She got many breakaways and dribbled the ball down the field. She even scored a handful of goals during the 10 games she played. We had a soccer party at the end of the season and had a great time celebrating.

Nolan - 19 & 20 Months

Nolan has developed quite the little personality over the past couple of months. I think he will be our family clown. He loves to do things to get attention and to get a good laugh and truthfully he's pretty funny sometimes. He is talking more and more every day. His older siblings love saying "Nolan say _____" and he'll give his best effort to say whatever they've said. He's even started putting a couple of words together. "Dee daddy" (see daddy) and "wah-duh bees" (water please).

Summer 2015

This summer we thoroughly enjoyed our time off school and did many fun things. We went to several summer movies in the theatre, splash pads, new and old parks, Discovery Gateway Children's Museum, the library, the pool, a 4th of July parade, on a couple of hikes, a few movies in the park, and swim lessons. Julianne spent most of her summer reading, playing with friends, and doing various art projects. Lorelei enjoyed making blanket forts with friends, playing with her baby dolls, learning to ride her bike without training wheels, and learning to swim.


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