Easter 2016

We had a wonderful Easter celebrating the hope we have in what Jesus did for us on the cross and through his Resurrection. The kids and I read our usual Easter books, we used our Resurrection Eggs to tell the Biblical Easter story, we made Oschter Foggel (Easter birds made from eggs), watched Mrs. Patty Cakes Easter Egg-stravaganza, and made Resurrection rolls and hot cross buns. On Easter morning the kids looked through their baskets and we had resurrection rolls and fruit for breakfast.

Morgan's Fourth Birthday

Morgan requested chocolate doughnuts for his birthday breakfast so we sang happy birthday to him and he enjoyed his doughnuts, strawberries, and orange juice. We decorated his birthday cupcakes and got some food ready for his birthday party. Morgan wanted to go to Jungle Jim’s Playland with some of his friends, so we headed there. They rode rides, jumped on bouncies, and looked at all the arcade games. Morgan loved the kiddie roller coaster, the rocket ship ride, and the carousel. He was so excited to get to play with his friends John and Channah.

Oraleigh - 2 months

Oraleigh is full of smiles at two months old. She is regularly smiling at people when they look at her face from close up. She smiles most at Mommy and Julianne, but she also loves to smile at Daddy, Lorelei, Morgan, and Nolan. She is very ticklish during diaper and clothing changes and gives a smile and an uncomfortable grunt (almost a laugh) when tickled in the right place. She still eats every two hours when she’s awake, but will go 3-3.5 hours when she’s asleep and she has finally started to sleep some in her carseat when we are out, which has been a wonderful turn of events.

Oraleigh - 1 Month

Oraleigh has become quite a bit more predictable at one month old. She takes a couple good naps (2ish hours) in her bed, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, then takes a cat nap here or there to tide her through until her next big patch of sleep. She is very alert and is happy for 30 – 45 minutes after a feeding, then gets fussy and has a hard time falling back asleep. She does not like to be strapped into her carseat and despises the bouncy seat. She loves to lay flat on a blanket though and rarely stays on her back, but rather turns over to her side and just looks around.

Oraleigh's First Month

Oraleigh’s first month went by so quickly. My mom stayed with us for a little over a week and was such a help with taking care of the kids and cooking. Oraleigh went to her first doctor appointment at four days old and her weight (7lbs 8 oz) was almost back up to her birth weight. During Oraleigh’s first week while Mimi visited, Oraleigh went to a trampoline park, had her first Build a Bear experience, went to Chick Fil A several times, celebrated her first Valentine’s Day, and got lots of snuggles from her siblings, Mimi, Mommy, and Daddy.

Oraleigh Jean

Oraleigh’s induction date was on February 9, but at 36 weeks I started showing signs of preeclampsia (high blood pressure and protein in my urine). At my weekly appointments my doctor ordered several tests and continued to monitor my blood pressure. At my 38 week appointment my doctor told me that she thought it was best to induce in a couple of days on February 4. We scrambled to find people to watch the kids and to have all of Oraleigh’s things ready for her arrival.

Nolan's Second Birthday

Nolan was feeling pretty crummy from a cold on his birthday, but he still managed to have some fun. We had a doughnut cake (just doughnuts stacked on top of each other) for breakfast and sang “Happy Birthday” to him. He was a little out of it from just waking up and from not feeling well so he gave us all strange looks when we were singing to him, but he enjoyed eating the doughnuts. We got a fresh layer of snow on his birthday which was exciting to the kids and we went to church that morning. Nolan had a birthday nap on the way home from church and he had a PBJ and chips for lunch.

Lorelei's Sixth Birthday Party

A few days after Lorelei’s sixth birthday we had a Princess themed party for her at our house with her friends. There were 22 kids(including ours) at the party and Lorelei had a great time with all of her friends. They made jewlry, crowns, and princess coloring pictures. They also just enjoyed playing together. After we sang “Happy Birthday” to Lorelei everyone enjoyed princess popcorn (white chocolate and sprinkle drizzled over plain popcorn), fruit wands, veggies and dip, and cookie cupcakes.

Lorelei's Sixth Birthday

Lorelei was so excited that Papa and Gigi would be with her on her actual birthday. She requested cinnamon rolls and grapes for breakfast and after breakfast she opened her presents. She got a lego set from her siblings, a sled that she’s been wanting from mommy and daddy, some doll clothes from Papa and Gigi, and a matching outfit for her and her doll from Uncle Jason, Aunt Laura, Ethan and Noelle. She was also very excited to get money from Great Grandma Muhleman, Uncle Steve and Aunt Shelley, and Lee and Charity.

Christmas 2015

December was filled with much celebration. At the beginning of the month I took the girls to a children’s ballet company that performed The Nutcracker. We had a couple of groups of friends over to decorate sugar cookies. We did our annual caroling at a nursing home, which was a sweet time with the kids and some of their (and our) friends. Julianne saw a play of “A Christmas Carol” that one of her friends was in. We went downtown to listen to a friend’s choir perform and walked around to see the lights at Temple Square.


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