Lorelei Learns to Swing

This past week Lorelei learned to swing on her own and she was so proud of herself. Once she figured it out and practiced a bit at a friend's house she was dying to go to a park and show daddy. Here are some pictures of her new achievement.

Mother's Day Weekend 2013

I realize this was three weeks ago but we had a wonderful time getting to see Mimi, Great-Grandma Northrip, Great Uncle Marcus, Great Aunt Melissa and cousins, Laura and Mady up in Indianapolis on the Saturday before Mother's Day. We loved the time with these sweet family members and the kids loved getting to play at Marcus and Melissa's house. Morgan enjoyed dumping the dogs water all over the floor at least twice, finding all of the cabinets with the most fragile glassware, and playing in the dog's cage.


This past year Julianne was in her first year of Sparks and Lorelei was in Honeybees in our church's AWANA program. The girls had a blast going to their classes every Wednesday night and learned so much this year. Julianne finished her first Sparks book and got a ribbon for finishing it. Although memorization is not one of Julianne's strengths (she gets this from her mom) she worked so hard to memorize 22 verses and the books of the New Testament. Lorelei memorized 7 shortened verses and loved getting to go to Honeybees to see all her friends. She is such a social butterfly.

Morgan - 13 Months

Morgan is officially walking at thirteen months. Since he turned thirteen months walking is his main mode of transportation. A few weeks ago he would walk fifty percent of the time and crawl the other fifty percent, but he is now walking ninety-nine percent of the time. He has learned to stand up from the middle of the floor rather than pulling up on furniture and then taking off. He still is a bit unsteady, but when he plops down on his diaper padded bottom he stands right back up and begins walking again to whatever has his attention.

Riding a Bike

At 5.6 years old Julianne has finally mastered riding her bike without training wheels. She has been wanting and trying to do this since her fifth birthday. She was so serious about it that we actually took off her training wheels last fall but she was so scared of falling down and didn't quite have the coordination to do it then that she could only ride her bike if she kept her feet on the ground or someone was holding onto the bike. She's been practicing for about the last week riding down the hill in front of our house by balancing on her bike without pedaling.

Three Year Old Top Ten

I realized that I haven't done much writing about our sweet middle child and what she is up to, so here's my top ten things that I like about three year old Lorelei.

1.She regularly thanks me for making meals for her. She'll say "Thank you for making my dinner mom." or "I really like this. This is delicious."

2. She has learned to ride her tricycle and desperately tries to keep up with her sister while riding.

First Steps

At twelve and a half months Morgan took his first steps. Since those first steps he is now walking across entire rooms. He still has the zombie walk going on with hands up for balance and a little shaky when taking steps, but he is walking. The most I've counted was 15 or 20, but truthfully I haven't taken as close of notes as I did with the girls.

Morgan's First Birthday Party

This past weekend we had several visitors come visit to celebrate Morgan's first birthday. Mimi, Papa, Gigi, Great-Aunt Shlley, Great Uncle Steve, and Great grandma Muhleman came all the way from St. Louis. Along with family, Morgan's friends, Melody and Channah and their siblings and parents came over to celebrate with us on Saturday morning. The theme for Morgan's party was all things dinosaurs. We've always called Morgan our little dinosaur because of his shrill screeches. We got out our sand table, the bean box, and some dinosaur books for the kids to play with.

Fun with Mady

Last week we had the privilege of spending some time with my cousin, Mady. She came to spend four days with us as her parents went on a trip. On Wednesday we spent much of the day playing outside and taking a walk. For some down time that afternoon Mady and Julianne played games on the computer and painted their nails while the little ones slept. That evening we all went to church and Mady helped in Lorelei's Honeybee's classroom. On Thursday we enjoyed some free breakfast at Chick Fil A followed by playtime.

One Year Old

Morgan turned one on Friday, April 5, 2013. We celebrated his birthday with cupcakes a couple of days before his birthday because Stephen had to leave on a trip the day before his birthday. He loved the candle on his carrot cake cupcake and kept trying to touch it. After some help blowing it out he did not hesitate to inhale the cupcake in just a few minutes. He was very upset when it was gone and got louder and louder in expressing his desire to have "mah"(more).


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